Ugh.. I’m soo frustrated..

Let me fill you in here.. at Missy’s school there is this little boy who seems to like to get into trouble. I know that they are all 3ish and this is something that comes along with the age group, but last week I witnessed him hitting 2 teachers with sticks and nothing has been done about it. Not only did he hit one teacher with the stick, but he came back a second time and hit the same teacher in the face! We have Missy in a private school for a reason – hoping that this crap wouldn’t be effecting her schooling, but holy cow!

Anywho, today while picking Missy up from school, the same little boy shoved a younger girl to the floor, he really could’ve hurt her, as he is much bigger and much stronger than the 2 year old that he shoved down. After the incident last week, I wrote a letter to the school letting them know that I am absolutely appalled by this behavior and I can’t believe that they are letting this continue like this. I asked for someone to either call me or schedule an appointment to discuss this with my husband and I – so we’ve had no response, so I called the school, just a few minutes ago and spoke with the preschool director. Her response to all of this, is that there are steps that they are taking, and this should be corrected by itself. That this is what we should expect at any school, as we do not know about the childs homelife etc. I’m sorry, but I’m not there, this is not acceptable where my child is going to school. What if he seriously hurts someone. This is not only a school issue it is a safety issue for the teachers and the students of the school. I understand that some children go thru phases, but this is ridiculous, he could really hurt someone or himself. I was told by the director that if his behaviour progresses and gets worse, that he will of course be removed from the school. If it PROGRESSES into what. Who has to get hurt here for something to be done about this?? I think his behaviour has progressed enough that something has to be done about it. According to the director, his behaviour was not like this last semester, and she’s not sure what could be causing this now. I’m sorry, but something has to be done about this, for my child’s sake as well as her class mates & her teacher.

The director of the preschool (Missy goes to a private school that runs pk3-12th grade so there is a full admin & principals etc.) is supposed to call me back with a good date for Rick & myself to go and discuss this issue with the principal as well as herself. So I guess we’ll have to see the outcome of this. If nothing is done about it, I might just be pulling Missy from the school, cuz this is not something I want my kid around. I’ll keep you posted on how it all goes.


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Life Changes

Since filing for our taxes, Rick & I have been talking ALOT about going back to school. My problem with that was I seriously didn’t know what I wanted to do. After some thought, I came up with two different fields that I really wanted to find out more information on. Well, after a lot of reasearch today, I have made up my mind and decided that I would like to pursue a degree in Speech-language pathology. It’s going to be alot of work, as I have to have a master’s degree as well as passing the state boards. I’m really excited about going to the local campus and signing up for my first “round” of classes. I think Rick is going to start this summer with his MIS degree and then I will either start when the Fall term rolls around (depending on if we get pregnant and when I’m due) or this time next year. I’m really excited about this new start for both of us and the fact that I finally decided what I want to be when I grow up! This is so something that I can do while the kids are small and it will benefit us all in the long run.

Must run as I have to say prayers


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Why can’t things just be easy??

Why is it that having a baby or even getting pregnant has to be so difficult? Why is it that I can get pregnant the first time around and have absolutely no problems, but yet we want to expand our little family and for almost 2 years we can’t get pregnant?? Now I’m taking this medication, that is making me so sick that I don’t even want to eat. I know I waned to loose weight and I’ve started going to the gym, but this is getting ridiculous I don’t even want to think about what’s for dinner let alone cook it and I know I still have Rick & Michaela to consider and it sucks that I don’t even want dinner. What the hell is it going to be like when I do get pregnant? I had terrible morning sickness with Michaela, and I can only imagine what that’s going to be like on top of this.

Don’t get me wrong these meds are obviously helping as I actually had a period all by myself after 3 months of not having one, but the side effects are killing me. I honestly have no clue how Rick feels about this either. At one point I didn’t think he even wanted to have another baby, but when I ask him he says “yeah, yeah, I want a baby” but he just doesn’t seem as excited about it, and it’s hard to gauge what he wants. I just don’t know if he says he wants a baby because he knows I really want another baby or what it is. Maybe once I’m pregnant again he’ll be a little more excited, but I would like him to be excited about the whole process and us getting to create another life together. I feel that I am putting my body thru this crap and he’s not being very supportive. I know there’s not that much that he can do while I’m in the bathroom for hours, or I’m up at 3am on a work night as I have a horrible stomach ache etc. but just him being excited about the fact that these meds are working, that we could be having a baby at the end of the year would be a little more motivation to stay on the meds. I told him today that I didn’t know if I wanted to keep this up or if I wanted to give up and almost cried over it (we were on the phone) and he didn’t really say anything.

Tomorrow he is going to re-do his sperm count test (yeah it wasn’t just me) and it seems like that’s not a priority for him, we honestly can’t get pregnant with out that. I know it’s not the most glorifying or easy tests to do, but I have had surgery, and now I’m on a medication that upsets my system so bad I want to just crawl in a hole and die, and he can’t do one simple thing to make sure that we’re fully good to go next month once we know if I ovulated this month by myself or not. Maybe I’m just harping on about a baby too much and it’s seriously not something he wants to do and he just doesn’t want to tell me so.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my time with Michaela and the fact that we have a 3 year old, I would just like to have another baby and complete our family. I would like our kids to kinda be close in age instead of how my siblings and I are who are 8 or more years younger than me. I know my biological clock isn’t ticking cuz I’m only 25, but I want michaela to have someone to “grow up” with and not watch them grow up years after you’ve done the same thing. I want our kids to be close and I think that an age gap sometimes does not help.

well, I’m off to head to bed.

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