Ugh.. I’m soo frustrated..

Let me fill you in here.. at Missy’s school there is this little boy who seems to like to get into trouble. I know that they are all 3ish and this is something that comes along with the age group, but last week I witnessed him hitting 2 teachers with sticks and nothing has been done about it. Not only did he hit one teacher with the stick, but he came back a second time and hit the same teacher in the face! We have Missy in a private school for a reason – hoping that this crap wouldn’t be effecting her schooling, but holy cow!

Anywho, today while picking Missy up from school, the same little boy shoved a younger girl to the floor, he really could’ve hurt her, as he is much bigger and much stronger than the 2 year old that he shoved down. After the incident last week, I wrote a letter to the school letting them know that I am absolutely appalled by this behavior and I can’t believe that they are letting this continue like this. I asked for someone to either call me or schedule an appointment to discuss this with my husband and I – so we’ve had no response, so I called the school, just a few minutes ago and spoke with the preschool director. Her response to all of this, is that there are steps that they are taking, and this should be corrected by itself. That this is what we should expect at any school, as we do not know about the childs homelife etc. I’m sorry, but I’m not there, this is not acceptable where my child is going to school. What if he seriously hurts someone. This is not only a school issue it is a safety issue for the teachers and the students of the school. I understand that some children go thru phases, but this is ridiculous, he could really hurt someone or himself. I was told by the director that if his behaviour progresses and gets worse, that he will of course be removed from the school. If it PROGRESSES into what. Who has to get hurt here for something to be done about this?? I think his behaviour has progressed enough that something has to be done about it. According to the director, his behaviour was not like this last semester, and she’s not sure what could be causing this now. I’m sorry, but something has to be done about this, for my child’s sake as well as her class mates & her teacher.

The director of the preschool (Missy goes to a private school that runs pk3-12th grade so there is a full admin & principals etc.) is supposed to call me back with a good date for Rick & myself to go and discuss this issue with the principal as well as herself. So I guess we’ll have to see the outcome of this. If nothing is done about it, I might just be pulling Missy from the school, cuz this is not something I want my kid around. I’ll keep you posted on how it all goes.


January 31, 2007. vent.

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