Looking back at this past weekend

Yesterday we trucked off to Disney (I know… we should live there) and had dinner with Pooh & friends. I have to say that I prefered eating with Mickey in Epcot, but I think Michaela enjoyed herself all the same. She did ask tho “When’s Mickey coming by”, which was kinda funny! We stayed to see the “Spectromagic” parade and the firework display. It made for a nice afternoon, even tho it was super chilly and we all froze! Well, maybe I should rephrase that, Rick & I froze, Michaela stayed nice and warm bundled up in her stroller with a blanket, gloves and a thick jacket! We didn’t get home until 11:30pm and we all crashed pretty much as we walked thru the door – Michaela had fallen asleep before we had even pulled out of the Magic Kingdom’s parking lot poor thing!

Friday Michaela and I spent a lazy day together, we watched movies and she took care of me while I tried to recover from this nasty sinus infection and tonsillitis. I hate being sick like that! Especially when it seems like our pace isn’t slowing down any for me to rest. I must say Rick has been an absoulte gem this week and has let me have a little nap every nite when he’s come home cuz I’ve been soo out of it. I’m hoping this coming week I can get back into the swing of every day life (laundry, cleaning etc has piled up) and I won’t be soo forgetful!!

Now spring right back to today. We really haven’t done much, I’ve done the laundry (yay for me!) and played about with my “myspace”. It’s amazing the time I’ve spent on there! Tat laughed when I said I didn’t want one, and then I decided that I’d finally create my page and actually use it! I’ve found a few of my friends from back in England that I honestly had lost touch with. It’s amazing how different our lives are now and that it’s still kinda easy to “chat” with them even tho I haven’t talked to them in almost 11 years! I’m sure there will be a lot of “catching up” to do, but it’s nice to make those connections again. My life from “another world” as you may think.

Well, the dryer just buzzed so I guess that’s my signal to go and leave the computer alone!!



February 18, 2007. Random Gabbings.

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