Looking towards the new “me”

I can’t believe how much my life has changed in the last month. I have reached one of my new years resolutions & slowly working on the other. I can’t believe I’ve lost 8 lbs (which is great I know) and now I’m pregnant and will gain it back!! According to my personal trainer – “M”, I should be fine with continuing to loose weight and have a healthy baby. I just don’t want my pregnancy this time to be like it was last time where I gained 45lbs, cuz gaining that on top of what I weigh now I’ll just be miserable!! I think with me getting pregnant at the beginning of the year when it’s still cool outside helps, as well as the gym membership for when it gets too hot to be outside walking 🙂 I’m sure I’ll be just fine this time, it’s just something I worry about!

I can’t wait to start taking weekly/monthly tummy pics (altho I’m not so sure about posting those anywhere public.. hehe) and one of my girlfriends said that she would take belly pics (I want some that I can frame that look artsy) once I get further along.. I just hope we can airbrush out the stretch marks! haha!!

well, I should really be cleaning, so I’m off for now.. I’m sure I’ll ramble on some more when I have a little bit of time.



February 24, 2007. Life.

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