Baby Update

Altho very tiny, we got our very first peek at our newest family member on Wednesday. It was soo tiny, but we did get to see the heart beat and it flinched a little. Missy was soo excited to see the baby in Mama’s tummy and it was great to see her little reaction to the new baby. All in all a great visit to the doctor 🙂 Now lets just hope the rest of my pregnancy is this easy 🙂

I must say that this pregnancy *so far* is going much better than my last one with Michaela. So far I have been spared the horrible morning sickness (or should I say morning, noon & nite sickness) and really I feel great. I must confess that I do take an hour nap in the afternoon (Missy permitting) as I can’t quite seem to keep my eyes open – it’s awful come 1pm I’m pretty much conked out on the couch! I’m also in bed/asleep on the couch around 8:30ish, so maybe that’s helping with the feeling good during the day. There’s nothing wrong with a little extra sleep 🙂

Now we just have all of the planning to get thru, planning on what we’re going to do with Missy when it comes time to have the baby, planning what necessities we will need (I kept most of Missy’s stuff, but there’s some stuff I plan on buying new again), as well as names for the baby. I think we’ve agreed upon one that we like for a boy, but we honestly can’t even compile a list of girls names that we like – we are trying to get the names figured out so that when we find out what we’re having we can have Michaela call the baby by it’s name instead of “baby”. I guess we’ll just have to see how it all goes 🙂

Well, I must run, as I have some stuff to get done before I conk out on the couch.



March 9, 2007. baby. Leave a comment.