Okay we’ve been busy and I’ve not posted

I appologize for not updating this sooner, but whew have we been nuts!

Last month we were on the go almost every day of the week! It was crazy! this month things have finally settled down, but I think that’s cuz we’re getting ready for summer 🙂

Most recent to have happened to us, Missy was in the hospital 2 weeks ago for walking Pneumonia. How I didn’t relalize she was that sick, I don’t know. I felt like a crappy Mommy when they said they had to admit her and run more tests. She was such a trooper, and handled the whole ordeal very well. She’s great at rebounding back! Poor thing was on Oxygen for 2 1/2 days and finally I helped wean her off of it (it didn’t seem like the nurses wanted to do it, so I did it myself!). She is now home and recovering well, altho I think she’s pretty much back to “normal” and is wanting to get on the go go go again! I’m enjoying the lull in our schedule, altho finding it hard to come up with something to do with ourselves!

During Missy’s stay in the hospital I had to have another ultra sound to check the baby (that was my 5th one since we found out we’re having another baby!) . I guess when I went to my last doctor’s appointment my doctor couldn’t find the baby’s heart beat. I’d had a little bit of spotting, and they were concerned, so made me come back in for another ultra sound. “Bubba” (that’s what I’ve been calling this baby) was in there doing just fine, “he” even gave us a little wiggle to let us know he was fine! Unfortunately Rick couldn’t go with me as he was in Missy’s hospital room with her as she didn’t want us to leave her (completely understandable), so I got to back to the hospital with lunch and new pictures of the baby.

Apart from that life is pretty much the same.. nothing too exciting here. I’m sure there was something that happened that I was going to post about, but I’ve probably forgotten it by now. We’ll just blame that on the pregnancy!

Well I’m off for now to go and figure out what’s for lunch!



May 8, 2007. Life. Leave a comment.