I’ve been Scrappin’

Like I said in my previous post I’ve been managing to sit and scrap at night while little man’s sleeping, it’s really been kinda nice. They are all pages with missy on them. I have finally scrapped a couple of “baby” pages!

Here are the layouts I’ve done.

To create this layout I used a template from http://pretendingicandothis.blogspot.com/ and Digitreats ABC Jump kit, which you can find at http://digitreats.typepad.com/

This layout I used another template from http://pretendingicandothis.blogspot.com and I used the “beach house impressions” kit from http://www.digitalscrapbookgraphix.blogspot.com

This layout is another template from http://pretendingicandothis.blogspot.com (I fell in love with her templates when I visted her blog the other day and managed to use 3 in one sitting!) and the kit I used is Digitreats ABC Skip kit from http://digitreats.typepad.com

and my last page is one that I have recreated from my paper scrapping, I loved it, and thought I could use some of my digital stuff to re-create it

Well, I now have to run as I need to take a shower before Rick gets home.



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A nice easy weekend to start off this one crazy week..

We had a really nice weekend. Saturday, Rick took the kids to Missy’s dance class and gave me an hour to myself – I cross stitched and caught up on some recorded tv. I did try to go out in the yard to re-pot my seedlings that were going hog wild in the laundry room, but came back in quickly as I found a not so nice visitor in my yard. I went to fill up my watering can (don’t I sound homey) and walked around the side of the house, well I obviously didn’t see the massive spider web that was attached to my house and the empty lot next to my house, so I walked right thru it! EWWW! So there I am pulling off this horriblely sticky web when I look down (I had web all around my legs too) and I find this:

I have no clue what kind of spider that is, but OMG it was disgusting! I’m soo not a spider type of gal, and that thing was just plain ol’ creepy! I still get the willies just thinking about it being on MY LEG!

Anywho, Rick came home with breakfast (I just love that man!) and then we decided to run to Toys R Us to get Missy a matching Glo-E bear. I ordered Little Man a bear that glows in the dark because he seems to be petrified of the dark when we’re in the truck. He won’t stop screaming until you turn on the interior lights. I hate driving with them on – I hate driving in the dark anyway and the light in the back just makes it harder. The bear is SUPER cute. He glows for 15 minutes and then automatically turns off. They had one that came with a magic wand that you just aim at the bear and it turns it on – we’d thought about finding a wand now just so we can wave it from the drivers seat – lol. Anyway, Missy was a little upset that she didnt’ get a cute glowing bear in the mail like Little Man, so we headed off to TRU to let her pick out her own. No surprise here when she picked out the pink one! We stopped off for lunch and then headed back home. We played Wii all afternoon with Missy and then laid down for a nap – well Little Man and I did, Rick worked & Missy played; noisily I might add! Then on with the normal routine of baths, storytime and bed.

I sat up late Saturday night working on some scrapbook pages. I seem to be in a groove and I don’t want to let that slide, altho I know it will have to for our trip next week as I can’t take my computer with me and Rick’s lap top doesn’t have my scrap stuff on it 😦 *I’ll post pics of my pages in another post*

Yesterday we were bums and didn’t do much of anything. I did finally get to re-plant the seedlings, as Rick was home to fight off any attack spiders -lol. Then we grilled for lunch and sat at the new picnic table that Rick built. Both kids seemed to enjoy the time outside, and it was a beautiful day with a gorgeous breeze, which made it nice being outside.

This week is going to be full of craziness. We leave on Saturday at 6am (not looking forward to getting up) to head to Asheville. I’m hoping both kids do well with the 10 hour drive. We know Missy can handle it as she was AWESOME last year when we went, it’s Little Man we’re worried about. Altho I’m hoping that with the constant highway driving he’ll sleep most of the way! So I’m busy with laundry, writing lists of what needs to be packed, trying on winter clothes on both kids (it’s supposed to be FREEZING up there) and figuring out what we can fit in my truck (hopefully alot more than we squeeezed in the Nissan last year!). My mom is already asking if I’ve packed etc. I won’t pack the suit cases until Friday. That way I can get all of the laundry done this week and finish up the last of it Friday morning before packing it. I might get the long sleeved shirts, jeans etc packed as it’s too bloody hot here to wear any of that and then just put pj’s, shorts, t-shirts, unmentionables etc in Friday. I sooo can’t wait to get up there. I LOVE being up there, I think the weather not being so bloody hot is a factor. I also need to run to the library at some point to pick up a couple of books to take with us. Last year Rick and I read 3 books a piece while we were gone – we didn’t have Little man at the time, so we’ll see if we get to read this year! I’m not going to have my computer, so I have to have something to do with myself!

Okay this is now a novel! So I’m going to run and fold the laundry that just buzz’d!


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Who knew?!?

Who knew I could start a new website – which isnt’ completed yet, and still manage to have 39 users, 1069 posts and seem to be taking off? I have to thank my friend J, for all of her help getting this project off the ground running. Now if I can just get my “store front” concept to take off I’ll be as happy as a pig in dirt! Not so much for the making $$ factor, to be able to provide Mom’s with a place to sell their crafts etc. and not have to worry about outrageous fee’s like with E-bay. I’ll check back in a month or so once I have the store-front’s “live” and let you know if my projected idea is working out!

I honestly don’t see the site making much $$ for the first year, but you never know, the site might take off once the store is up and running and J & I really start working on making the site keyterm friendly to draw in google and other search engines. Fingers crossed it goes off with out a hitch.

On another note, why is it bad stuff happens to good people? My BFF and her hubby came over last night for dinner and to hang out because they found out Wednesday that her hubby has some kind of blood disorder. He’s hoping it’s a mis-diganosis and not what they are predicting it is, but you just never know. If he does have the disorder (we should know for definite tomorrow – hopefully) he’ll have to go for weekly blood draws and go on blood thinners and I’m sure a big round of testing. I feel so bad for him, as he has an anxiety about medical stuff – he turns green just mentioning shots, let alone having to go thru all of this on top of it. I wish there was more I could do to help them besides make them come over and stuff them full of pizza 🙂 I know just being there and helping with their son as well as supporting them both will be the best “help” I can be, but I wish I could do more for them. I hate needles and being poked and prodded myself, but I’d even take one or two of his needle pokings for him if I could, just to help. Fingers crossed it’s not what they are thinking it is and his doctor got this all wrong. The worst part of it all is his doctor told him what this was and that he had it and then instead of being a doctor (something you’d think they’d do) told him to go home and look it up on the internet. Umm.. hello.. how much information can you seriously get from the net. Who knows if half of it’s even true. When I looked it up this yesterday, the first thing that pops up is Wikapedia, which we all know is user based info. Who knows if it’s actually factual with everything.

Well it’s almost 5am, and I should probably go and see if I can get an extra hour or two’s worth of sleep before my kiddo’s are up and demanding me to be completely awake! I miss the days when sleeping in was until noon, now I’m lucky if we get to 8:30!


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A little bit of this and a little bit of that.. *pictures included of course!*

Well today went by without me really noticing it. I can’t believe how fast it went. Still no news on my pick-up, altho when Rick called earlier this afternoon it started no problem, I think the problem could be between the steering wheel and the drivers seat! *lol* it’s soo something he would say about me! Poor thing, he even checked under the hood, had his friend at work sit in it and try to crank it while he checked everything out, I bet he feels like I do when I can’t get something on the computer to work and he sits down infront of it and gets it to do exactly what I was wanting in the first few clicks!

Good news! Adam finally slept thru the night for the first time last night! I shouldn’t get too excited tho as it could be a complete fluke that he slept from 9-5:30 and then went back to sleep until 9:30! I soo should be taking advantage of the extra sleep right now, but oh well I’ve been messing about on the computer – which leads into my next part of my post.

I finally made some time to sit still and scrap a couple of pages – thanks to little man’s willingness to sleep! I managed to scrap a page for Missy’s ABC scrapbook from last year (I’m off with the letters, but I Just love the recital pictures I can’t help myself!) as well as a page for little man’s “my first year” book. His is much bigger than hers, as I don’t have an 8.5×11 format to convert this page into, but I figured I’d share the full page with you anyway.

To create this page I used a the R template from http://janealscorner.blogspot.com/ and the kit I used is called “Song & Dance” by mommyscraps at http://mommyscraps.wordpress.com

For Adam’s page I used a template from http://simplyyin.blogspot.com/ and the kit I used is “first Bath” by Colleen Shibley.

I’m hoping to get back in the swing of scrapping again, and hopefully knock out quite a few pages. I’d like to get the kids albums done so that they have something to thumb through as Missy loves my “paper” scrapped books, so I’m hoping she’ll enjoy my digital scrapped ones too. These will hopefully not be as heavy for either one to drag out, which will be MUCH nicer.

This morning to my surprise my seedlings have gone haywall. Who knew I would have such ghe green thumb! I guess the air in the laundry room is perfect as they are almost ready to be planted outside in bigger pots. I can’t believe how big they’ve gotten in such a short period of time. I just have to figure out what kind of pots to plant my veggies in, as we’re not staying in this house, so I don’t want to go planting them in the ground. I know I can keep tomato’s in a pot with a climbing frame, I’m just not sure about the pupkins, cucumbers, onions etc that we planted. I guess we’ll find out!

Look at how big the one green bean plant has gotten! According to the seed packet they can start producing beans with in 50 days of sprouting. I’m not sure how long these have been going for, but we could be looking at home grown beans by the end of May if not sooner. As you can see Everything else has gone crazy to. I have 2 other seedling trays up above the dryer, that look just as full. One has herbs in it and the other has flowers. The herbs I’m going to plant in a “strawberry pot” and leave them on the back porch, so I have easy access to them at dinner time. and of course the flowers are purely for Missy’s enjoyment so we’ll probably do more planter boxes for around the patio.

Well, I guess the sleeping through the night thing was a one time fluke as I hear little man now.

Must run


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Today we tried to “take a day off” and recover from our weekend of madness. Rick had to go back to work, so the kids and I vegged out at home. Here’s me thinking I could get a day’s worth of tv watching and putting my feet up, boy was I wrong. Little man didn’t want to play or nap, he just wanted to be held. I wanted to sit and fold laundry while catching up on last week’s round of reality tv (I’d go crazy with out it). Not only did he not want to co-operate and play with his toys, but the phone rang at least a dozen times, so I was running back and forth trying to get the phone, empty the washer and dryer, tend to him, fix Missy breakfast, turn on a movie for her etc. I felt like a chicken with my head cut off!

This afternoon I did manage to squeek in a small nap with Little Man on the couch – he didn’t want to nap in his bed or on the couch this afternoon, so I laid with him on the couch, along with Missy & several stuffed animals. I was awoken by what I thought was our doorbell (not many people ring it so I wasn’t entirely sure if it was ours or not). Of course here’s me not wanting to answer the door if it was ours as I’d just woken up and probably looked a right sight. Then I realized that the Sponge Bob Square Pants episode that was on our TV had a doorbell sound coming from it. They were having a house party and guests were arriving – hense the doorbell. What a dope! I’d shot off the couch thinking maybe one of my packages had been delivered when really it was the TV door bell ding donging at me.

Now I think I’m going to go and sit on the couch and watch some TV with the hubs and have a cup of tea and maybe a slice of carrot cake – it’s going to be the death of me I swear!


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Happy Easter!

Adam’s first Easter was a pretty good day all around. The Easter Bunny left both kids a stash of goodies in their baskets as well as a mini putt putt set for Michaela and a new activity gym for Little Man – which we got squeals from Missy over!

A few pictures of our day 🙂

What the Bunny left

The kids and their stuff from the bunny

The after math of the bunny!

We had a really good day, my inlaws, my mom & my sister and her boyfriend were all here. We had kabobs on the grill, potato salad, salad & pasta salad for lunch and strawberry shortcake for desert.. mm…

After lunch we all sat about and played some Wii. Rick and Brandon were playing each other in the Mario & Sonic Olympics and we were all in hysterics. You don’t realize how silly you really look shaking the remote all over the place trying to get the characters to do what you want them to! Now I wish I’d taped them to share with you.. cuz we all had a really good laugh. Then everyone filed out and it was just the 4 of us again. So we all napped. Rick and I on the couch & chair, the kids in their beds.. and then Little Man joined us 45 minutes later on the couch 🙂 . Now we’re recovering from all the excitement and getting ready to get back to our “normal” hustle and bustle this week.

Well, I must run.


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Five years in the making..

Toady Rick and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. We didn’t do much, just took the day easy and enjoyed our time together and our kids. We took of to the local zoo and killed a few hours and then came home and napped.. a pretty good day all around.

From dating, getting engaged, getting married and having our first child all within the first year of our relationship, we’ve manged to come out on top. Five years later and we’ve added another beautiful child to our family and still going strong. Sometimes it seems like we’ve just started dating and everything is so new, like nothing has changed with time – besides the addition of our children, I still feel as in love with him as I did the first time we told each other “I love you”. Marrying this man has got to be one of the best decisions I have ever made – well besides having his children that has to rank higher than marrying him!

Our wedding was definitely a whirlwind of a day. We managed to plan our wedding in 6 days – I think that might be a record.. well for me anyway. We got married at 8:20am on Melbourne Beach, and then headed to Publix to pick up our cake, which we didnt’ notice was buggered up – I’ll have to find the pic. it’s somewhere around here, then the reception. We spent the rest of the day basking in our love and knowing that we had just committed the rest of our lives to each other.

I think Rick and I get along so well because we were friends way before we started dating. Yeah we had our “fling” when we were first hanging out, but it’s become so much more than that. He’s truely my best friend, I tell him everything – I’m not sure he wants to hear half of what I tell him, but he hears it (well.. he acts like he’s listening) anyway. We still chase each other around the house either squirting each other with the water bottle, depantsing or just being plain ol’ silly. Maybe we act like kids – great role models we are, but I think that’s what makes us work.

Here’s to hoping I’ll be posting a “We hit our 10 year anniversary” post in another 5 years.

I’ve added a few wedding photo’s just incase you missed our day..

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