Happy Easter!

Adam’s first Easter was a pretty good day all around. The Easter Bunny left both kids a stash of goodies in their baskets as well as a mini putt putt set for Michaela and a new activity gym for Little Man – which we got squeals from Missy over!

A few pictures of our day 🙂

What the Bunny left

The kids and their stuff from the bunny

The after math of the bunny!

We had a really good day, my inlaws, my mom & my sister and her boyfriend were all here. We had kabobs on the grill, potato salad, salad & pasta salad for lunch and strawberry shortcake for desert.. mm…

After lunch we all sat about and played some Wii. Rick and Brandon were playing each other in the Mario & Sonic Olympics and we were all in hysterics. You don’t realize how silly you really look shaking the remote all over the place trying to get the characters to do what you want them to! Now I wish I’d taped them to share with you.. cuz we all had a really good laugh. Then everyone filed out and it was just the 4 of us again. So we all napped. Rick and I on the couch & chair, the kids in their beds.. and then Little Man joined us 45 minutes later on the couch 🙂 . Now we’re recovering from all the excitement and getting ready to get back to our “normal” hustle and bustle this week.

Well, I must run.



March 23, 2008. Family.

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