A nice easy weekend to start off this one crazy week..

We had a really nice weekend. Saturday, Rick took the kids to Missy’s dance class and gave me an hour to myself – I cross stitched and caught up on some recorded tv. I did try to go out in the yard to re-pot my seedlings that were going hog wild in the laundry room, but came back in quickly as I found a not so nice visitor in my yard. I went to fill up my watering can (don’t I sound homey) and walked around the side of the house, well I obviously didn’t see the massive spider web that was attached to my house and the empty lot next to my house, so I walked right thru it! EWWW! So there I am pulling off this horriblely sticky web when I look down (I had web all around my legs too) and I find this:

I have no clue what kind of spider that is, but OMG it was disgusting! I’m soo not a spider type of gal, and that thing was just plain ol’ creepy! I still get the willies just thinking about it being on MY LEG!

Anywho, Rick came home with breakfast (I just love that man!) and then we decided to run to Toys R Us to get Missy a matching Glo-E bear. I ordered Little Man a bear that glows in the dark because he seems to be petrified of the dark when we’re in the truck. He won’t stop screaming until you turn on the interior lights. I hate driving with them on – I hate driving in the dark anyway and the light in the back just makes it harder. The bear is SUPER cute. He glows for 15 minutes and then automatically turns off. They had one that came with a magic wand that you just aim at the bear and it turns it on – we’d thought about finding a wand now just so we can wave it from the drivers seat – lol. Anyway, Missy was a little upset that she didnt’ get a cute glowing bear in the mail like Little Man, so we headed off to TRU to let her pick out her own. No surprise here when she picked out the pink one! We stopped off for lunch and then headed back home. We played Wii all afternoon with Missy and then laid down for a nap – well Little Man and I did, Rick worked & Missy played; noisily I might add! Then on with the normal routine of baths, storytime and bed.

I sat up late Saturday night working on some scrapbook pages. I seem to be in a groove and I don’t want to let that slide, altho I know it will have to for our trip next week as I can’t take my computer with me and Rick’s lap top doesn’t have my scrap stuff on it 😦 *I’ll post pics of my pages in another post*

Yesterday we were bums and didn’t do much of anything. I did finally get to re-plant the seedlings, as Rick was home to fight off any attack spiders -lol. Then we grilled for lunch and sat at the new picnic table that Rick built. Both kids seemed to enjoy the time outside, and it was a beautiful day with a gorgeous breeze, which made it nice being outside.

This week is going to be full of craziness. We leave on Saturday at 6am (not looking forward to getting up) to head to Asheville. I’m hoping both kids do well with the 10 hour drive. We know Missy can handle it as she was AWESOME last year when we went, it’s Little Man we’re worried about. Altho I’m hoping that with the constant highway driving he’ll sleep most of the way! So I’m busy with laundry, writing lists of what needs to be packed, trying on winter clothes on both kids (it’s supposed to be FREEZING up there) and figuring out what we can fit in my truck (hopefully alot more than we squeeezed in the Nissan last year!). My mom is already asking if I’ve packed etc. I won’t pack the suit cases until Friday. That way I can get all of the laundry done this week and finish up the last of it Friday morning before packing it. I might get the long sleeved shirts, jeans etc packed as it’s too bloody hot here to wear any of that and then just put pj’s, shorts, t-shirts, unmentionables etc in Friday. I sooo can’t wait to get up there. I LOVE being up there, I think the weather not being so bloody hot is a factor. I also need to run to the library at some point to pick up a couple of books to take with us. Last year Rick and I read 3 books a piece while we were gone – we didn’t have Little man at the time, so we’ll see if we get to read this year! I’m not going to have my computer, so I have to have something to do with myself!

Okay this is now a novel! So I’m going to run and fold the laundry that just buzz’d!



March 31, 2008. Life, Random Gabbings.

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