Another step in the right direction..

Rick and I have been contemplating on whether or not we want to rent again next year (if so we’d have to move) or if we wanted to buy a house. We figured with our credit situation, buying wouldn’t be feasible. Well, after our vacation our landlord started getting pushy about buying this house. Honestly.. This is a nice house, but I just don’t see it working for us, especially when she’s not going to budge on the asking price. Well come to find out we can get a mortgage, and we could if we wanted buy this house that we’re now in.

We have decided to weigh all of our options as right now with the way the market is we can get a house for a steal. so we now have a list of about 12 homes that we’re going to look at and see if we find one that we fall in love with. Secretly tho, I have found I think our home and I’m just waiting to get inside it lol. I drove by it today on my way home from a play date with Christine & her girls and it looks fabulous! Now I just have to see if it gets Rick’s approval.

Wee.. I’m soo excited!


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Good news/bad news

This morning I woke up to a horrible cold – thanks to my 2 beautiful children I’m now just as sick as they are. So of course my throat is super sore, head is pounding, I can’t breathe and I walk into the office at 5:30 this morning, I couldn’t sleep and Little man slept thru the night last night and I was worried I hadn’t heard him wake up so of course I was wide awake worrying lol, to find in my inbox a wonderful surprise.

I finally heard back from Casey at and low and behold I’m now a member of her creative team!! YAY! How exciting is that? I am completely enthralled with being chosen and can’t wait to get started. It’s not like I don’t have 100’s of pictures to scrap, so this might help me catch up with both kids albums as well as albums for the whole family. I will be adding links to my digital galleries so that you can check out all of my work – I’ll be posting it here too, but incase you want to comment on the layouts in my galleries you now know where I “hide” my work. I have already added a link to Casey’s blog in my blog roll, so feel free to check out her blog and freebies.

Well, I think I’m going to head back off to the couch – Rick’s home today to take care of the kids, so I can recoop today and hopefully be back to my “self” tomorrow when he heads back to work – so that I can read and maybe take a nap.


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Recent pics of the monkey’s

Here’s a recent album of pics of the monkeys. I’m not sure which ones you have actually seen, so here’s 50 to update you on the kiddos!

The Monkey’s

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Being Adventurous…

We normally have the same 12 dinners off and on so this weekend we decided to “brave it” and have something we’d never tried before – Deluxe Cheeseburger Melt. We (Rick and I) read the recipe a few times to make sure there was nothing “deadly” in it and agreed that to use up the left over ground beef that we had in the fridge we’d try it. Well, it has to be the quickest and tastiest thing I think I’ve made in a while – not that I’m a bad cook or anything, but for our first time tasting it we liked it. Even Missy cleaned her plate. I served it with baked french fries – it is a cheese burger after all. I knew it was a hit as Rick went back for seconds (that’s always a good indicator if he liked something). The recipe came from the back of the bisquick box, but you can find it here if you’re interesed in trying it.

So besides a new meal, I tried grocery shopping alone. I know, I know.. grocery shopping how hard can it be? Have you ever been with two kids? One how adds things to the cart when you’re not looking, has to ride on/in the cart and then hop off to get the before listed items, several potty breaks, a baby who’s crabby and wants to be held, baby that decides it’s time to take a poo break and so you have to stop mid-shop to change him.. I don’t ever remember being this disorganized with grocery shopping. Anywho, Saturday morning Rick was mowing the yard, the kids and I were just lounging around in the house, so I decided that instead of waiting for Rick to get done with the yard work and then go grocery shopping, the kids and I would try it ourselves, not that I don’t normally run for the small odds and ends myself, but our big shops Rick is normally in attendance. So I shower and get the kids ready to go and off to publix we go – we normally shop at wal mart, but I decided to try publix for a change besides odds and ends. I have to say that I ABSOLUTELY love Publix, especially after this grocery trip. It was so nice to be able to get down each isle (altho I did have a run in with some very rude woman who “raced” me down the spaghetti sauce isle, just to beat us out of there – I gave up after I realized she wasn’t going to slow down) and not have to fight to get to stuff, or have 100 stupid people just standing gawking at the shelves having no clue what they are even looking for. So we get the weeks worth of groceries done, it was a smaller trip than normal, as we have our Sam’s monthly shop coming up this week, and head for the check out. The cashier helps me unload the groceries onto the belt, and then checks us out and bags everything, at wal mart they just chuck it in the bags, this was all very nicely bagged – cold food with cold stuff, glass jars in one bag, produce in another etc. etc. And then called one of the other girls over to help me load up the truck – which is the whole reason for going to Publix in the first place. In the time it took me to load up both kids into my truck and buckle them in, she had the groceries put neatly in my trunk, shut it and was taking back my cart.. how much easier could it be? So from now on, the kiddo’s and I are going to tackle groceries at Publix.

Today both kids have stinkin’ colds – which I think I’m on the verge of getting too, lovely. So we didn’t do much of anything. I did manage this afternoon to cram in a little bit of scrapping. I still haven’t heard about the Creative Team that I applied for, but hopefully soon. If not I guess I’ll just try again at a later date, altho I’ll be pretty bummed.

Anyways, here’s the pages I managed to finish this afternoon. I have soo many pictures to scrap, it’s hard to keep up with them all. I’m going to try and finish up all of the pictures from our trip to NC and work my way backwards slowly. I really need to catch up with Missy’s books and start one for Little Man, so much to do, so little time to do it in. Anyway enjoy my pages.

“swing” – I used Shabby Princess’ “Promise kit”. I did it nice a simple because I didn’t think the picture needed much more.

“E:Easter” – This page is for Missy’s ABC’s of 2007 book. I used “Happy Easter” a colab kit by BSC. I just loved the colours and thought it was perfect. The Template is from Janeal’s Corner.

“F:Friends” another page for Missy’s ABC book. This page I created with Digitreats “ABC Jump” kit. This template is also from Janeal’s Corner.

“5 months” These pictures are from my recent “photo shoot” with Little Man. I used “what boys are made of” by Sweet Digi Scraps. The template is from Purple Tulip Designs.

It’s now WAAAYYY past my bed time, so I’m headed to bed before my “monsters rise” needing their next medication dosing and feeding (well for little man at least).


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Recent Scrappin’s

Here’s my most recent pages that I’ve scrapped.

“Character” – this is for Michaela’s 2007 ABC scrapbook. The pictures are from our trip this past “Christmas” to Disney world. The kit I used for the whole page is “Leave the World Behind” – by Britt-ish Designs. I LOVE this kit for my Disney pictures!

“Woody” – Missy & Woody back from our first trip to Disney. I used the “I wanna be a cowboy kit” by Fishin’ Mom designs for this layout as I think it fits perfectly.

“Is this Snow?” I created this page with some of the pictures from our trip to North Carolina. It’s Missy playing in the “snow” at the wild life center. I used Pineapple Plantation Designs “Frost Kit” & “Silver Alpha” by HSDesigns to create this page.

“Gem Stone Mining” – created from more pictures from our trip to NC. I used a template from Simply Yin Desings, which I modified as it was a 2 page LO, bg paper & ribbon is by Collen Shibleys’ from her first loose tooth kit, journaling circle is from Britt-ish designs – leave the world behind kit and the alpha is from Akiloune – Digi Scrapouille’s Cotton kit.

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Pictures from our trip!!

North Carolina 08

I have finally managed to upload a few of the 500 pictures to my web album. I will add a few more, and will probably use that from now to share pictures, as sometimes I take just a few and I can’t share them all in one post cuz it would take up my whole blog! Anyway Enjoy!

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Been a while.. opps!

I have been busy the last few days, zoo trip, new dog, running errands, new dog, scrapping, working on Moms’ Cove, new dog. *laughing* did you get that not so subtle hint? we got a new dog, he’s a 7 month old boxer mix we call Buddy. He’s a really good dog, except he’s petrified of our cats. I know.. pretty funny huh? He sits and whines when they look at him and runs away from Pumpkin if he walks too close to him. Both Oreo & Pumpkin are ganging up on him – one will drink out of his water dish, and hiss when he gets close, or when you feed him his dinner, they run to his food bowl first and of course he won’t do anything about it, so they have been eating puppy food too. Pumpkin seems to think he rules the roost I guess and is trying to “break in” the puppy. I can’t wait until they all get over it and finally become “friends” it’t not like either one of the cats has never been around a dog before, but Buddy won’t stick up for himself and bark at them and “put them in their place”.  He’s a 27lb dog, who obviously towers over them, but yet runs away yelping if they turn around and hiss. The joys of having animals! I will try and get some good pictures of our new “addition” to share with you.

Monday we headed to the zoo with Tat & her son. We had a good time.. it was nice to spend a whole day with my best friend, as we haven’t managed to do that in a long time. We went and visited the dinosaur exhibit and the whole time we were walking thru it Missy was saying “they are just pretend.. they are just pretend”. The last time Rick & I took her she was 2 1/2 and they scared her.  Poor thing, I have pictures of her sobbing in front of the T-Rex. She did much better this time, but wouldn’t stand near the T-Rex again, she just ran past him. lol.

I’m hoping to add a new “category” to my blog, which will consist of the book’s I’ve read/reading. I have joined a book club as well as trying to get one started on Moms’ Cove and so my library card is getting a good work out at the moment. I am also trying to cross some books off of my “to be read” list. So I may blog every now and then about the book I’m reading. I just finished a really good book (if anyone wants to read it.. it’s here collecting dust) called “The Pact” – by Jodi Picolt. I read it for a book club on another message board that I’m a member of and really enjoyed it. It was a little slow going, but a good read none the less. I’m now working on a “new” book called “First Impressions” by Jude Deveraux. It’s set in North Carolina (yay my favorite place) I’m only up to chapter 3, but so far soo good. I’ll let you know how it goes from here.

I applied for a digital scrapbooking “Creative Team” (A CT as it’s refered to) and I’m REALLY hoping I made it. This would be my first one, but would be something I would completely enjoy doing, I love doing the cross stitch stuff I do for Dimensions – I test cross stitch kits for them before they release them to check the pattern, thread counts etc and LOVE IT (I’ll post some pics of the stuff I’ve done for them too in the near future). I will probably find out in the next couple of days when she posts the results on her blog. so fingers crossed. WOW.. so another new category for the blog.. my craft capers. lol.. I like really like that name, so I might just keep it!

As you can see, that will keep me pretty busy. Reading, cross stitching, scrapping, PLUS Moms’ Cove & the kids. I don’t know if I have enough hours in my day! lol. Adam is now starting to nap on a schedule (Horray for that one!) and of course that is making life a little easier.  So I’m hoping to have time to accomplish the other things I want to get done during those nap times. I’ve been working on Moms’ Cove & scrapping in the afternoons & after both kiddo’s are in bed. I’ve also been making myself go to bed before midnight – which is hard cuz I always think of other things I “should” be doing. So I’m now heading to bed around 10ish so I can read for an hour and then of course lights out.

Well, I should probably take advantage of Adam napping and get a few things done around the house like *ew* folding laundry. I will later post my latest scrap creations I’ll probably do that tonight.


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I honestly can’t believe where our week has gone. It seems to have have flown by.

It seems like I’ve managed to accomplish absolutely nothing – which I hate that feeling. I have managed to do laundry, wash both kids car seat covers, finish registering Missy for Kindergarten, spent a day with the kiddo’s, finished my book (it was a great read to!) went to the library, cleaned off my desk in the office (I had a stack of papers that I needed to weed thru). So I can’t really say I’ve done nothing all week, but it just seems like I’ve not done much at all.

I have been busy today trying to get a few things for Mom’s Cove accomplished and hopefully I can get the ball rolling with that again also. I’m really hoping that the store front takes off, and that we can get it looking really good. *fingers crossed*

We have another jam packed weekend – why we can’t slow down I don’t know. So I should probably get going and get some stuff done around the house before Rick comes home in 4 hours!


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Could I have a longer Vacation…. PLEASE??

We’re home from our trip and lemme tell ya.. I’m one pooped out woman! Who knew trecking in the mountains could be soo tiring! Note to self: DO NOT TAKE YOUR MOM ALONG FOR THE TRIP NEXT TIME. Not that it was that bad, but she did complain ALOT about the mountain roads (they are twisty and turny and oh… steep) and how driving up and down them made her sick -her alternative was to stay back in the cabin which of course she didn’t want to do either. Oh well now I know. Altho we did curb her wanting to move to Asheville by staying out in the “boonies where people really live”.

I could quite easily move to Black Mountain (where we stayed) as it didn’t seem like boonyville to me this year, we were still pretty close to everything and I didn’t feel so isolated out in the cabin. I would love to move up there, but I don’t think I can convice Rick of moving, but it’s nice to visit all the same. He did tho say maybe in a few years time buying a vacation home up there, so we could spend months up there at a time when we wanted to. To know we had a house up there would drive me batty and make me want to be up there all the time, I don’t think he’d go for a long distance relationship.. lol

I have to weed through our pictures tho before I post any. I took over 500, I can’t believe how click happy I get – thank god we have digital cameras cuz if I’d done that with film – ouch!

We went gem mining one day, Missy had an absolute blast, it was worth the 45 minute drive up a windy and steep mountain road to watch her little face light up when she founed the “coloured stones” (what we were told to look for). We manged to find some really pretty gems as well as some stones that if cut would be worth quite a bit. We were lucky to find a 4 carat emerald and a 4 carat Sappire that we are probably going to have cut and set into a ring for myself and then we found a garnet and rose quartz that we might have something made for Missy out of. Little man slept through most of it as they had the heat on (yes it was that cold up there) so he got comfy with Nana and went to sleep.

Rick & Nana went and toured the Biltmore Estate one day while the kids and I went to the WNC Nature Center and visted Black Bears, Cougars, Bobcats and Otters. We managed to walk around it in record time (we went on Sunday once we were settled in and spent hours in there) as Missy thought we had to run around the place, so we went and played down in the park. While visiting the Otters and playing on the Otter slide Missy made a new “best Friend”. They were quite happy playing and her new friend Mary told her Dad that Missy was going to go to her birthday party. Her Dad assuming we were from Asheville told her “It’s an awfully long way for her to go to come to your party honey, Asheville is 3 hours away from Charlotte”, I turned to Mary’s Dad and said “We’re from Florida, so it would be an even further trip” we both laughed and the girls didn’t seem to see what was funny, they were planning the birthday party trip. That definitely would be one birthday party I would be turning down the invite.

We visited with Grandma & Jerry. Peggy seemed to avoid us this trip, which I found unusual as they normally want us there so badly and we have to pry ourselves away when we leave. She was “working” and “running errands for friends” everytime we stopped by, which I think Rick was a little hurt by, but we at least spent the time with Grandma & Jerry. Jerry actually stuck around this year to talk with us – he normally hides up in the big house the whole time we’re visiting – and even took Michaela out in the garden to pet the cats while we stayed inside with Grandma.

Jimmy & Nadine were of course wanting to spend every minute we were up there with us. I adore them, they are so sweet and I just love spending time with them. That and they pull out embarrassing pictures of Rick and he’s not impressed, but it’s great to “see” that side of the family and what Rick looked like as a kid. He was definitely a cutie!

Well, I’m pooped, so I’m going to head to bed to read for a little bit (I’m adicted to the book I’m reading and can’t put it down) I only have 100 pages left to read and I want to get them finished as I went to the library today and picked out 3 really good (so it seems) reads.


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Ugh.. packing..

Why does packing seem to take forever? Probably because I seem to think that I need to wash every piece of dirty laundry (sheets, towels, all the clothes, blankets etc) as well as cleaning the house from top to bottom before we leave.

So far I’ve accomplished: Little Man’s Laundry, Our white laundry, Our towels & washcloths, Missy’s laundry (altho after picking up her room today there’s another load waiting), picked up Little Man’s room, packed Little Man’s suit case – his wass the easiest as he has 100’s of clothes that my packing a full suit case you can’t really notice the loss of clothes from the closet and the baskets. Tomorrow my goal is to clean Missy’s bedroom (that might take the day alone) and her bathroom. Maybe if Little Man cooperates I’ll hopefully manage to vacuum the living room & their bedrooms – of course while all of this is going on I’ll have our coloured laundry going as well of course my diaper stash.

At least Little Man is all packed. Missy shouldn’t be that hard either and then Rick and I’s stuff I will pack Friday morning as I finish up our weekly laundry and wash our bedding. It probably seems like all I do is laundry.. like I said, I go over board with what I wash when we are going away, I think I make the job 10 times harder on myself than it should be.

This afternoon while it was storming, I did take a little break. Little Man was napping on the couch, Missy was watching a movie, so I decided to scrap a little. I managed to get one page done before the thunder – thank you weather god for that one – woke Little Man. The weather was really nasty this afternoon, so I had to cut Missy’s movie short as there was talk of hail and wind rotation. Luckily we weren’t hit with hail and nothing brewed from the rotation in the atmosphere.

Here’s the page I managed to complete this afternoon before my children went wild!

This layout I created with a Racketty Scrappety Template from and the kit I used is from Britt-ish Designs called “Mouse in the house”

Well, I’m going to go and watch CSI Miami from last night with Rick before the next part of the double epsiode comes on at 10 tonight.


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