Ugh.. packing..

Why does packing seem to take forever? Probably because I seem to think that I need to wash every piece of dirty laundry (sheets, towels, all the clothes, blankets etc) as well as cleaning the house from top to bottom before we leave.

So far I’ve accomplished: Little Man’s Laundry, Our white laundry, Our towels & washcloths, Missy’s laundry (altho after picking up her room today there’s another load waiting), picked up Little Man’s room, packed Little Man’s suit case – his wass the easiest as he has 100’s of clothes that my packing a full suit case you can’t really notice the loss of clothes from the closet and the baskets. Tomorrow my goal is to clean Missy’s bedroom (that might take the day alone) and her bathroom. Maybe if Little Man cooperates I’ll hopefully manage to vacuum the living room & their bedrooms – of course while all of this is going on I’ll have our coloured laundry going as well of course my diaper stash.

At least Little Man is all packed. Missy shouldn’t be that hard either and then Rick and I’s stuff I will pack Friday morning as I finish up our weekly laundry and wash our bedding. It probably seems like all I do is laundry.. like I said, I go over board with what I wash when we are going away, I think I make the job 10 times harder on myself than it should be.

This afternoon while it was storming, I did take a little break. Little Man was napping on the couch, Missy was watching a movie, so I decided to scrap a little. I managed to get one page done before the thunder – thank you weather god for that one – woke Little Man. The weather was really nasty this afternoon, so I had to cut Missy’s movie short as there was talk of hail and wind rotation. Luckily we weren’t hit with hail and nothing brewed from the rotation in the atmosphere.

Here’s the page I managed to complete this afternoon before my children went wild!

This layout I created with a Racketty Scrappety Template from and the kit I used is from Britt-ish Designs called “Mouse in the house”

Well, I’m going to go and watch CSI Miami from last night with Rick before the next part of the double epsiode comes on at 10 tonight.



April 1, 2008. Digital Scrapbooking, Layouts, Random Gabbings.

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