Could I have a longer Vacation…. PLEASE??

We’re home from our trip and lemme tell ya.. I’m one pooped out woman! Who knew trecking in the mountains could be soo tiring! Note to self: DO NOT TAKE YOUR MOM ALONG FOR THE TRIP NEXT TIME. Not that it was that bad, but she did complain ALOT about the mountain roads (they are twisty and turny and oh… steep) and how driving up and down them made her sick -her alternative was to stay back in the cabin which of course she didn’t want to do either. Oh well now I know. Altho we did curb her wanting to move to Asheville by staying out in the “boonies where people really live”.

I could quite easily move to Black Mountain (where we stayed) as it didn’t seem like boonyville to me this year, we were still pretty close to everything and I didn’t feel so isolated out in the cabin. I would love to move up there, but I don’t think I can convice Rick of moving, but it’s nice to visit all the same. He did tho say maybe in a few years time buying a vacation home up there, so we could spend months up there at a time when we wanted to. To know we had a house up there would drive me batty and make me want to be up there all the time, I don’t think he’d go for a long distance relationship.. lol

I have to weed through our pictures tho before I post any. I took over 500, I can’t believe how click happy I get – thank god we have digital cameras cuz if I’d done that with film – ouch!

We went gem mining one day, Missy had an absolute blast, it was worth the 45 minute drive up a windy and steep mountain road to watch her little face light up when she founed the “coloured stones” (what we were told to look for). We manged to find some really pretty gems as well as some stones that if cut would be worth quite a bit. We were lucky to find a 4 carat emerald and a 4 carat Sappire that we are probably going to have cut and set into a ring for myself and then we found a garnet and rose quartz that we might have something made for Missy out of. Little man slept through most of it as they had the heat on (yes it was that cold up there) so he got comfy with Nana and went to sleep.

Rick & Nana went and toured the Biltmore Estate one day while the kids and I went to the WNC Nature Center and visted Black Bears, Cougars, Bobcats and Otters. We managed to walk around it in record time (we went on Sunday once we were settled in and spent hours in there) as Missy thought we had to run around the place, so we went and played down in the park. While visiting the Otters and playing on the Otter slide Missy made a new “best Friend”. They were quite happy playing and her new friend Mary told her Dad that Missy was going to go to her birthday party. Her Dad assuming we were from Asheville told her “It’s an awfully long way for her to go to come to your party honey, Asheville is 3 hours away from Charlotte”, I turned to Mary’s Dad and said “We’re from Florida, so it would be an even further trip” we both laughed and the girls didn’t seem to see what was funny, they were planning the birthday party trip. That definitely would be one birthday party I would be turning down the invite.

We visited with Grandma & Jerry. Peggy seemed to avoid us this trip, which I found unusual as they normally want us there so badly and we have to pry ourselves away when we leave. She was “working” and “running errands for friends” everytime we stopped by, which I think Rick was a little hurt by, but we at least spent the time with Grandma & Jerry. Jerry actually stuck around this year to talk with us – he normally hides up in the big house the whole time we’re visiting – and even took Michaela out in the garden to pet the cats while we stayed inside with Grandma.

Jimmy & Nadine were of course wanting to spend every minute we were up there with us. I adore them, they are so sweet and I just love spending time with them. That and they pull out embarrassing pictures of Rick and he’s not impressed, but it’s great to “see” that side of the family and what Rick looked like as a kid. He was definitely a cutie!

Well, I’m pooped, so I’m going to head to bed to read for a little bit (I’m adicted to the book I’m reading and can’t put it down) I only have 100 pages left to read and I want to get them finished as I went to the library today and picked out 3 really good (so it seems) reads.



April 15, 2008. Family, Random Gabbings.

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