Been a while.. opps!

I have been busy the last few days, zoo trip, new dog, running errands, new dog, scrapping, working on Moms’ Cove, new dog. *laughing* did you get that not so subtle hint? we got a new dog, he’s a 7 month old boxer mix we call Buddy. He’s a really good dog, except he’s petrified of our cats. I know.. pretty funny huh? He sits and whines when they look at him and runs away from Pumpkin if he walks too close to him. Both Oreo & Pumpkin are ganging up on him – one will drink out of his water dish, and hiss when he gets close, or when you feed him his dinner, they run to his food bowl first and of course he won’t do anything about it, so they have been eating puppy food too. Pumpkin seems to think he rules the roost I guess and is trying to “break in” the puppy. I can’t wait until they all get over it and finally become “friends” it’t not like either one of the cats has never been around a dog before, but Buddy won’t stick up for himself and bark at them and “put them in their place”.  He’s a 27lb dog, who obviously towers over them, but yet runs away yelping if they turn around and hiss. The joys of having animals! I will try and get some good pictures of our new “addition” to share with you.

Monday we headed to the zoo with Tat & her son. We had a good time.. it was nice to spend a whole day with my best friend, as we haven’t managed to do that in a long time. We went and visited the dinosaur exhibit and the whole time we were walking thru it Missy was saying “they are just pretend.. they are just pretend”. The last time Rick & I took her she was 2 1/2 and they scared her.  Poor thing, I have pictures of her sobbing in front of the T-Rex. She did much better this time, but wouldn’t stand near the T-Rex again, she just ran past him. lol.

I’m hoping to add a new “category” to my blog, which will consist of the book’s I’ve read/reading. I have joined a book club as well as trying to get one started on Moms’ Cove and so my library card is getting a good work out at the moment. I am also trying to cross some books off of my “to be read” list. So I may blog every now and then about the book I’m reading. I just finished a really good book (if anyone wants to read it.. it’s here collecting dust) called “The Pact” – by Jodi Picolt. I read it for a book club on another message board that I’m a member of and really enjoyed it. It was a little slow going, but a good read none the less. I’m now working on a “new” book called “First Impressions” by Jude Deveraux. It’s set in North Carolina (yay my favorite place) I’m only up to chapter 3, but so far soo good. I’ll let you know how it goes from here.

I applied for a digital scrapbooking “Creative Team” (A CT as it’s refered to) and I’m REALLY hoping I made it. This would be my first one, but would be something I would completely enjoy doing, I love doing the cross stitch stuff I do for Dimensions – I test cross stitch kits for them before they release them to check the pattern, thread counts etc and LOVE IT (I’ll post some pics of the stuff I’ve done for them too in the near future). I will probably find out in the next couple of days when she posts the results on her blog. so fingers crossed. WOW.. so another new category for the blog.. my craft capers. lol.. I like really like that name, so I might just keep it!

As you can see, that will keep me pretty busy. Reading, cross stitching, scrapping, PLUS Moms’ Cove & the kids. I don’t know if I have enough hours in my day! lol. Adam is now starting to nap on a schedule (Horray for that one!) and of course that is making life a little easier.  So I’m hoping to have time to accomplish the other things I want to get done during those nap times. I’ve been working on Moms’ Cove & scrapping in the afternoons & after both kiddo’s are in bed. I’ve also been making myself go to bed before midnight – which is hard cuz I always think of other things I “should” be doing. So I’m now heading to bed around 10ish so I can read for an hour and then of course lights out.

Well, I should probably take advantage of Adam napping and get a few things done around the house like *ew* folding laundry. I will later post my latest scrap creations I’ll probably do that tonight.



April 23, 2008. business, Digital Scrapbooking, Family, Random Gabbings.

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