Being Adventurous…

We normally have the same 12 dinners off and on so this weekend we decided to “brave it” and have something we’d never tried before – Deluxe Cheeseburger Melt. We (Rick and I) read the recipe a few times to make sure there was nothing “deadly” in it and agreed that to use up the left over ground beef that we had in the fridge we’d try it. Well, it has to be the quickest and tastiest thing I think I’ve made in a while – not that I’m a bad cook or anything, but for our first time tasting it we liked it. Even Missy cleaned her plate. I served it with baked french fries – it is a cheese burger after all. I knew it was a hit as Rick went back for seconds (that’s always a good indicator if he liked something). The recipe came from the back of the bisquick box, but you can find it here if you’re interesed in trying it.

So besides a new meal, I tried grocery shopping alone. I know, I know.. grocery shopping how hard can it be? Have you ever been with two kids? One how adds things to the cart when you’re not looking, has to ride on/in the cart and then hop off to get the before listed items, several potty breaks, a baby who’s crabby and wants to be held, baby that decides it’s time to take a poo break and so you have to stop mid-shop to change him.. I don’t ever remember being this disorganized with grocery shopping. Anywho, Saturday morning Rick was mowing the yard, the kids and I were just lounging around in the house, so I decided that instead of waiting for Rick to get done with the yard work and then go grocery shopping, the kids and I would try it ourselves, not that I don’t normally run for the small odds and ends myself, but our big shops Rick is normally in attendance. So I shower and get the kids ready to go and off to publix we go – we normally shop at wal mart, but I decided to try publix for a change besides odds and ends. I have to say that I ABSOLUTELY love Publix, especially after this grocery trip. It was so nice to be able to get down each isle (altho I did have a run in with some very rude woman who “raced” me down the spaghetti sauce isle, just to beat us out of there – I gave up after I realized she wasn’t going to slow down) and not have to fight to get to stuff, or have 100 stupid people just standing gawking at the shelves having no clue what they are even looking for. So we get the weeks worth of groceries done, it was a smaller trip than normal, as we have our Sam’s monthly shop coming up this week, and head for the check out. The cashier helps me unload the groceries onto the belt, and then checks us out and bags everything, at wal mart they just chuck it in the bags, this was all very nicely bagged – cold food with cold stuff, glass jars in one bag, produce in another etc. etc. And then called one of the other girls over to help me load up the truck – which is the whole reason for going to Publix in the first place. In the time it took me to load up both kids into my truck and buckle them in, she had the groceries put neatly in my trunk, shut it and was taking back my cart.. how much easier could it be? So from now on, the kiddo’s and I are going to tackle groceries at Publix.

Today both kids have stinkin’ colds – which I think I’m on the verge of getting too, lovely. So we didn’t do much of anything. I did manage this afternoon to cram in a little bit of scrapping. I still haven’t heard about the Creative Team that I applied for, but hopefully soon. If not I guess I’ll just try again at a later date, altho I’ll be pretty bummed.

Anyways, here’s the pages I managed to finish this afternoon. I have soo many pictures to scrap, it’s hard to keep up with them all. I’m going to try and finish up all of the pictures from our trip to NC and work my way backwards slowly. I really need to catch up with Missy’s books and start one for Little Man, so much to do, so little time to do it in. Anyway enjoy my pages.

“swing” – I used Shabby Princess’ “Promise kit”. I did it nice a simple because I didn’t think the picture needed much more.

“E:Easter” – This page is for Missy’s ABC’s of 2007 book. I used “Happy Easter” a colab kit by BSC. I just loved the colours and thought it was perfect. The Template is from Janeal’s Corner.

“F:Friends” another page for Missy’s ABC book. This page I created with Digitreats “ABC Jump” kit. This template is also from Janeal’s Corner.

“5 months” These pictures are from my recent “photo shoot” with Little Man. I used “what boys are made of” by Sweet Digi Scraps. The template is from Purple Tulip Designs.

It’s now WAAAYYY past my bed time, so I’m headed to bed before my “monsters rise” needing their next medication dosing and feeding (well for little man at least).



April 27, 2008. Digital Scrapbooking, Layouts, Random Gabbings.

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