*NEW* Summer Fun Collab Kit at Pretty Scrappy.com

This Mega-Mega Summer Fun kit is a collaboration kit designed by all 13 members of the Pretty Scrappy Design Team. This GINORMOUS kit is almost 1.5 gigabytes!!! It contains 201 papers, 6 alphas, 3 quickpages, and 638 elements!!!!! Holy Moly, that’s a lot! All of this for only 9.99!!! Grab it now before the price goes up! Also check out the 34 page brag-book that was made using this awesome kit!

Here’s a preview – click the preview to view the kit in the prettyscrappy store

And now for the Brag Book. 34 brag-book pages designed by Pretty Scrappy Design Team & Creative Team members. These 4×6 pages are perfect for all of your summertime and vacation photos. Materials used to create these pages are from the “Summer Fun” Designer Collab kit available in the shop. Assemble an entire photo album in minutes!

Here is my page to the brag book album. ***The freebie is no longer available** Head on over to the pretty scrappy store to purchase the whole set Click here to shop

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Debi: http://www.sweetadalinedesigns.blogspot.com/


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***Doing a Happy Dance***

Whoo Whoo!! I made the Digital Candy Creative Team. How stinkin’ cool is that! I kinda had a feeling I was going to become a member, but then I started worrying that I wouldn’t make it. Now I can’t wait to start! I have to wait until June 1st before I officially start, but at least I don’t have to wait to find out until then.. wow that would’ve killed me! So there will be even more layouts to bombard my blog!

I’m not sure how much time I will have to blog this weekend as things will be a little hectic, but there will be a big post from me tomorrow about the newest stuff going on at PrettyScrappy.com, a new kit, a brag book page hunt and even a freebie from me! We have so much going on in the next couple of days I don’t know if I’m going to have time to stop and breathe let alone accomplish everything!

Today my best friend and her son are coming over for a “play date” to hang out in the new pool and of course just hang out, then I need to bake a cake for my sister’s graduation which is tomorrow, make a pasta side for Rick’s work party that’s tomorrow and then get ready to go out to dinner and pick my Mum up at 4 so we can go out to dinner come home and frost the cake and get that ready for tomorrow, finish picking up the house and I’m sure something else will pop up along the way.

Tomorrow is graduation, which we have to leave the house at 8 or just before, so we can drop off the cake to my mom’s (they live 20 minutes away, so leaving the cake here isn’t going to work), head to the graduation ceremony and of course watch Andrea graduate. Then after graduation lunch (we’re doing dinner tonight as the restaurant she wanted to eat at isn’t open for lunch)  then I’m hoping we can come home let the kids nap, re-coop for a little bit before heading off to a party thrown by one of Rick’s boss’.

I’m hoping nothing exciting is going to happen on Sunday so I can take the day off and recover from all of the festivities that we’re having this weekend.

enjoy the freebie post tomorrow, and I’ll hopefully be around sometime to post pictures etc.


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I’m not sure if that’s even really the word I should use, maybe I should use tickled, elated, amazed, or maybe even shocked. Last night I was sitting in the office working on emails, some scrap stuff, downloading pictures from the camera and updating our calendars (yes I can multi-task well) when my gmail mail check thing popped up telling me that I had a new message from Hutchie on Digital Candy. So curious what this could be about I headed over to Digital candy to check out the message I’d been sent. To my surprise (plus the words above) she had messaged me about the current CT call that they are holding at Digital Candy and that if I was interested i should apply as she would love to have me on the team. I’m so overwhelmed (add that to my list above lol) that she likes my scrappin’s and would like me to join the team. Of course I went ahead and applied, so now I just have to wait for the notification that I did infact make the team – I have to say I’d be a little disapointed if I didn’t, especially since she told me to apply etc. But I guess that’s always a possiblity. I’m just impressed that someone actually wants me on a team that they sent me a message to tell me to apply.

Apart from that “exciting” news, I have been working on a few layouts for Prettyscrappy’s new kit that will be released June 1st. I will post my layouts as a “sneaky peek” at the contents, but let me tell you it’s a beautiful kit and I’m glad I got to work with it. I have also created a brag book page that I will be giving away as a freebie on the 31st so check back for that. I’m excited about that as it will be my first freebie giveaway ever – too cool! Let’s just hope I don’t bugger it up and actually get it right!

Anywho onto the layouts!

“Summer Fun” – Created using pretty Scrappy’s Summer fun kit. LOVE IT! I finally have a kit that goes well with my beach pictures!

“To have and to hold” – these pictures are from Rick & I’s Wedding, it’s us exchanging rings and our first kiss as Mr. & Mrs. I created this page with the Summer Fun kit by Pretty scrappy.

I do have one more lay out that I need to finish creating for this kit, but I will be posting that with my freebie debut on the 31st.


“Tubby Time” – This lay out was created with Kristen Aagard’s Cuddle Ducky kit. Soo cute!

“Girls Rock too” – Missy has a new fascination with Hannah Montana, so she dressed like Hannah and used our Guitar Hero guitar to dance around the living room, while of course letting me snap away with the camera! Pretty cute! I used “Girls Rock too” by Misfit scraps.

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I was Tagged..

My blog was tagged by Virginia her blog is at http://ladyvdzine.blogspot.com/

1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some
random, some weird.
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Okay.. here goes.. 7 things about me..

1. I moved to the US from England in  1996

2.  I’m not a big fan avacado’s

3. I like Gordon Ramsay

4.  Most of my friends are older than me

5. I met my hubby in a chat room 10 years ago.

6. I’ve just started making my own jewelry – well I’ve made 1 thing for myself, the rest has been for Missy

7. I think a tractor is sexy! lol

who’s going to be tagged next??

1. Leasha

2. Brandee 

3.  Katrina

4. Vanessa

5. Clare

6. Kris

7.  Casey

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Let the doctor’s appointments begin..

Most people look forward to the summer months, as it means days at the beach, picnics, vacations and for us it means Missy’s routine yearly appointments begin. Our annual trip to the doctors offices was kick started this morning by our visit to the hospital for Missy’s Kidney Ultrasound.

According to the tech, her right kidney has shrunk considerably and I’m hoping that it’s a good sign when we go and see the Urologist in 2 weeks – fingers crossed. I’m hoping this means that the poking and prodding of my baby will stop, as We have seen this guy routinely every year (her first year more than a couple of times) since she was born. It’s one less visit I’d like to make. So far, since she’s been potty trained we’ve had no UTI’s so I’m hoping this is the up swing for us and she can finally start living a “normal” life.

Not that any of this seems to bother her, as she just hopped right up on the bed in the ultrasound room today and gabbed away while they did the ultrasound. I’ve had my kidneys checked before and it hurts because they have to push to see thru your rib cage and she just sits there like a real trooper. Monkey of course had to attend the appointment with us, but apart from that she skipped out of the hospital radiology department today with a new collection of stickers to stick all over my truck.

I feel like a secretary sometimes to my own child. Making her “meeting” appointments, and tending to all the necessary paperwork, collecting the right documents and attending along for the “minutes” for Rick. I know these appointments are important, I just overwhelmed with it all and of course fearing the worst.

We also have to see the Cardiologist – altho he’s not that much of a hike like the Urologist who’s an hour a way with out traffic. I’m hoping that we don’t have to see either doctor again after these appointments, so fingers crossed. That way she has a full bill of health before starting school, which is a whole other stress factor! lol

Well, I guess I should go and get something constructive for today accomplished I just don’t feel like it. I’ve been up this morning since 5am, so I’m getting ready to wind down for the day!


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What a Week!

Well, this week has been one heck of a week. It’s one I’d like to forget even happened. I have never been so stressed out or emotional ever, as I have this week.

Sunday was Mother’s day and there were reports that there was a brush fire near here – when I say I mean 5-6 miles away. Monday I had Adam’s 6 month check up – which by the way went really well, he’s growing like a weed; we met Rick for lunch and then headed home. When we got home, I could see a large plume of smoke catty-corner to our house across an empty lot. I called Rick to find out if there was anything on the news reports of a fire being right near the house etc. He said no, and to watch it. Well in the 20 minutes I was watching it, it was slowly getting worse and closer to the house. I called him back and asked if he could come home, as if we were to be evacuated, I wasn’t sure if I could load both kids, the 2 cats and our dog into the truck, plus pack everything we would want to take with us.

While waiting for him to come home, I packed up a small suit case for the 4 of us, with enough clothes for us all for 3-4 days. I manage to get everything that we’ll need into the truck without Missy seeing what was going on. Rick arrives home and the fire is now at the end of our street – you can see it, flames, smoke everything. Our neighbor is out watering his lawn – incase the fire blows our way. We hear from Neil and he says he’s headed our way to grab their animals (Tat & Neil live a couple of streets over from us) and then he’ll come by our place. Rick & I head in the house to watch the news to see what they say is going on. We hear this really loud honking and Neil is shocked we are in the house and haven’t left already. The fire had slowly creeped down the street and was 3 streets away!

Tat is heading our way so we wait for her, and then we decide that we’re going to leave and head to my Mom’s and then figure it out from there. So Rick & I load up the kids, the cats and the dog, and we all leave together. Tat is a complete wreck as driving home all she could see was the black smoke – it was horrible. We head to mom’s and turn on the news and just watch for any updates. We had dinner with Andrea & Mom and are deciding what to do next, as we hear on the news our street name. I rush in the living room, and all you see is the house next door to us it’s for sale sign, our mail box and our front yard on fire along with the empty lot next to our house. I burst into tears, thinking that’s it, the house is going to be gone, along with everything that we treasure (besides what I rescued and put in the truck). Mom of course was of no help, and said “you never know what will happen, don’t think it’s the worst cuz you don’t know” which I know is true, but to see that on the news, just isn’t what we needed.

We spent the night in a hotel, was easier than staying with either of our parents and with us having the dog with us, much easier. The next morning, I was trying my hardest to do everything I could to not rush home. I was terrified we’d pull up and the house, my pick up and everything we had in ashes. I had to ride in the back seat along with the kids as our dog doesn’t like riding in the back of the car (silly puppy!) we start coming down our street, where you see no other houses having damage, or even the empty lots with burn marks. We get closer to the house, and I see my pick-up sticking out on the drive way and burst into tears. Our house sits quite a ways back, so of course I couldn’t see it, but all I could think was the house was gone, but there’s my truck. Then the house comes into view, untouched, the front yard has a great big burn mark on it, and the lot next to us is completely gone – minus the few tree’s that are still standing. I was crying so hard in the back seat of the car, that I was shaking. Rick has to help me out of the truck, because I’m just hysterical at this point. Thank god for Palm Bay’s Fire Department and all of those who helped with saving the houses down here. I don’t think words could seriously express how I felt at that moment knowing that they had saved our house, our belongings, everything that owned.

It’s really depressing looking out of the window and all you see is burnt trees, bushes and ashes, they are everywhere. 2 streets down where we were watching the fire, a house is completely gone, around the corner from here another 2 houses are gone, but yet there is a house on Cogan Drive, that the whole yard is burned completely, but yet the house is still standing. Some of the houses that were burned to the ground their yards are in tact, green grass and yet the house is down to the foundation.

You know me, I had to of course document this whole thing with pictures. I have created an album for all of the pictures that I took.

Palm Bay Fire

Here’s something that still gets me, even tho the smouldering in the lot next to us has finally stopped, I think about what the lot next to us USED to look like. Here it is.. I took this first picture after Rick made the picnic table that’s the reason for it being the main focus lol but you get the idea.



The smell of the smoke, is still lingering in the air. I have to say that I think this is one smell that I will NEVER forget. It was soo overwhelming when we finally came home, and the lot next to us still smolders every now and then, so we have to go out and spray it down again. I can’t wait until it’s completely out and I don’t have to smell smoke any more.

Well, I’m now off to scrap a little I think and try to forget what’s happened, well for an hour or so anyway.


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Happy Mother’s Day

To all mom’s!

I haven’t had a chance to blog in a while as we have been super busy with play dates, preparing for mother’s day, trying to find a house to buy – which is taking several hours at time to search thru the MLS listings and figure out where each house is etc and then go thru the pro’s and con’s of each and do we like the location.. who knew this could be such a stressful chore! I thought finding a house for rent was difficult, but knowing we can buy a house and we’re probably going to stay in it for a few years and making sure we get the right house for us etc is driving me batty.

Rick’s work then thru in a huge wrench in everything and we did some number crunching and we could build a home with them at cost for the price of the house we’ve put an offer in on (I’ll fill you in on that in a few) so we’ve tried to figure out what route would be the best. Thursday I had a whopping headache because of all the different choices and then of course the thought of having to pick out every thing to go into the new house, from tile & carpet to what grout colour I want.. Talk about overwhelming. We have decided to just buy a pre-built home for now. I think that is our better choice at the moment, as we can upgrade the house thru Rick’s work at cost etc, and that’s a lot less stressful!

We have been and looked at several houses and we found one that is perfect. It’s a 3 bedroom 2 bath home and is right around the corner from the house we’re in. So no need to worry about the drive to and from Missy’s school etc. It’s a short sale, so right now we are just waiting – not very patiently – for a response from the Bank, so hopefully by the end of this coming week or the following week we should know if our offer was accepted. *fingers crossed it is* I’ll keep you updated.

Last weekend was National Scrapbooking Day, so I decided to join in on some of the festivities going on over at Digital Candy and had a ball! I went to a “crop” which was so nice to hang out in my office in my pj’s but still have people to chat with while I was scrapping. I played a few games with the other gals and even tried out a few challenges. I won one, which I was pleased with seeing as I haven’t really been scrapping all that long. I’ll post those layouts at the end of this post.

I have also applied for another CT, so I’m hoping I hear some good news this week. There have been quite a few CT calls recently and I have thought about applying for them, I’m just not sure how much I want to take on at the moment. I think 2 CT’s would be perfect for now, so fingers crossed I get this one, as I LOVE the designer’s stuff, it’s all just super cute, and the mini kit she gave a way as a freebie for the “application” works beautifully with my Disney pictures.

Apart from all of the above craziness we are now getting ready for summer activities – Vacation Bible School, Cheerleading, dance recital & then of course school starts in August. Plus our move, I don’t think I’m going to have time to stop. Missy also has her yearly appointments with the specialists and I’m hoping we are discharged from them and we don’t have to see them unless she has issues down the road. She has her kidney ultrasound next week, so I’m hoping they can at least tell me something good that they see when we go. I’m hoping either her right kidney has completely shrunken and isn’t there to cause problems, or it’s shrinking and will eventually be completely gone and not cause her any more issues – fingers crossed, cuz I hate putting my baby thru all the testing, poking & proddings she’s already been thru. Then we have the cardiologist appointment, which that’s pretty routine – Echo & evaluation, which this has never been an issue, so we should pretty much be told he’ll see us in a year or 2.

Okay enuff of the ramblings, now onto my layouts 🙂

This LO was created using “classic” by Designs by Krista. The photo is of my Sister before homecoming back in 2005.

“Right Round” – For this lay out I used the “Zoe” kit by Just Passin’ thru. I used one of my favorite pictures of Missy that I have taken, and the background of the picture looks like we were spinning when I took it, so I thought the song lyrics were fitting.

Princess – I used Angie Kovacs CT Call Freebie for this page (this is my “application” page that I sent in). I Love this kit, I think it is soo super cute and goes with this picture soo well. The speech bubble I thought was a cute element – I’ll probably use it alot with pictures of the kids.

“Baby Belly” – is a layout I submitted for Digital Candy’s scraplift challenge. I lifted from http://www.digitalcandy.ca/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=14105&ppuser=2435 . I used my whole pregnancy on one page, but her double layout was soo cute I just had to lift it!

“disney” – This layout is the one I won the template challenge on Digital Candy with! Chrissy W had a template challenge for NSD weekend and this is what I came up with using her template. Credits – template by Chrissy W, “Leave the world behind” Kit by Britt-ish Designs.

I have made mint tin albums for my Mum, Rick’s Grandma & his step-mom for mother’s day, but that was 10 pages worth of stuff, and I figured this posge was long enuff, so I may post them randomly with my next few posts.

have a wonderful Mother’s Day

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My Scrappin’ Galleries

For those of you who’d like to see all of my pages in one place instead of hunting them down here on my blog, here’s the links to the three places I post all of my stuff.



and this last gallery isn’t as full as my others, as I just started it and there is a 5 uploads per day max, so I have to upload the rest slowly there.


Any page I create will be uploaded to these galleries as well as anything I create for PrettyScrappy.

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My First CT Layouts

After a few glitches with downloading my first kit (Thanks Casey for being so patient with me!) I managed to finally download and play with my new kit.. all very exciting and beautiful I might add.

So here’s my creations from my first ever CT attempt.

“Pretty Big Shoes” – Created using the “Zoe kit” designed by Just Passin’ Thru. Missy is wearing Daddy’s flip flops – she likes clunking around in them, so I thought “pretty big shoes to fill” so there’s the thought behind the page.

“Swinging” – Created using the “Zoe” kit by Just Passin’ Thru. Missy out in our yard swinging. I have been playing with the manual settings on our Canon Rebel and I think I finally have it down!

“Cutie-Pa-Tutie” – Created using the “Zoe kit” designed by Just Passin’ thru. This is Missy when she was around 8-9 months looking all grown up – amazing how time flies and she really is grown up!

If you’re interested in the kit you can check it out at www.prettyscrappy.com and then head to the store. I think it’s a great kit and loved using it.

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