What a Week!

Well, this week has been one heck of a week. It’s one I’d like to forget even happened. I have never been so stressed out or emotional ever, as I have this week.

Sunday was Mother’s day and there were reports that there was a brush fire near here – when I say I mean 5-6 miles away. Monday I had Adam’s 6 month check up – which by the way went really well, he’s growing like a weed; we met Rick for lunch and then headed home. When we got home, I could see a large plume of smoke catty-corner to our house across an empty lot. I called Rick to find out if there was anything on the news reports of a fire being right near the house etc. He said no, and to watch it. Well in the 20 minutes I was watching it, it was slowly getting worse and closer to the house. I called him back and asked if he could come home, as if we were to be evacuated, I wasn’t sure if I could load both kids, the 2 cats and our dog into the truck, plus pack everything we would want to take with us.

While waiting for him to come home, I packed up a small suit case for the 4 of us, with enough clothes for us all for 3-4 days. I manage to get everything that we’ll need into the truck without Missy seeing what was going on. Rick arrives home and the fire is now at the end of our street – you can see it, flames, smoke everything. Our neighbor is out watering his lawn – incase the fire blows our way. We hear from Neil and he says he’s headed our way to grab their animals (Tat & Neil live a couple of streets over from us) and then he’ll come by our place. Rick & I head in the house to watch the news to see what they say is going on. We hear this really loud honking and Neil is shocked we are in the house and haven’t left already. The fire had slowly creeped down the street and was 3 streets away!

Tat is heading our way so we wait for her, and then we decide that we’re going to leave and head to my Mom’s and then figure it out from there. So Rick & I load up the kids, the cats and the dog, and we all leave together. Tat is a complete wreck as driving home all she could see was the black smoke – it was horrible. We head to mom’s and turn on the news and just watch for any updates. We had dinner with Andrea & Mom and are deciding what to do next, as we hear on the news our street name. I rush in the living room, and all you see is the house next door to us it’s for sale sign, our mail box and our front yard on fire along with the empty lot next to our house. I burst into tears, thinking that’s it, the house is going to be gone, along with everything that we treasure (besides what I rescued and put in the truck). Mom of course was of no help, and said “you never know what will happen, don’t think it’s the worst cuz you don’t know” which I know is true, but to see that on the news, just isn’t what we needed.

We spent the night in a hotel, was easier than staying with either of our parents and with us having the dog with us, much easier. The next morning, I was trying my hardest to do everything I could to not rush home. I was terrified we’d pull up and the house, my pick up and everything we had in ashes. I had to ride in the back seat along with the kids as our dog doesn’t like riding in the back of the car (silly puppy!) we start coming down our street, where you see no other houses having damage, or even the empty lots with burn marks. We get closer to the house, and I see my pick-up sticking out on the drive way and burst into tears. Our house sits quite a ways back, so of course I couldn’t see it, but all I could think was the house was gone, but there’s my truck. Then the house comes into view, untouched, the front yard has a great big burn mark on it, and the lot next to us is completely gone – minus the few tree’s that are still standing. I was crying so hard in the back seat of the car, that I was shaking. Rick has to help me out of the truck, because I’m just hysterical at this point. Thank god for Palm Bay’s Fire Department and all of those who helped with saving the houses down here. I don’t think words could seriously express how I felt at that moment knowing that they had saved our house, our belongings, everything that owned.

It’s really depressing looking out of the window and all you see is burnt trees, bushes and ashes, they are everywhere. 2 streets down where we were watching the fire, a house is completely gone, around the corner from here another 2 houses are gone, but yet there is a house on Cogan Drive, that the whole yard is burned completely, but yet the house is still standing. Some of the houses that were burned to the ground their yards are in tact, green grass and yet the house is down to the foundation.

You know me, I had to of course document this whole thing with pictures. I have created an album for all of the pictures that I took.

Palm Bay Fire

Here’s something that still gets me, even tho the smouldering in the lot next to us has finally stopped, I think about what the lot next to us USED to look like. Here it is.. I took this first picture after Rick made the picnic table that’s the reason for it being the main focus lol but you get the idea.



The smell of the smoke, is still lingering in the air. I have to say that I think this is one smell that I will NEVER forget. It was soo overwhelming when we finally came home, and the lot next to us still smolders every now and then, so we have to go out and spray it down again. I can’t wait until it’s completely out and I don’t have to smell smoke any more.

Well, I’m now off to scrap a little I think and try to forget what’s happened, well for an hour or so anyway.



May 18, 2008. Life, Local Fire.

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