***Doing a Happy Dance***

Whoo Whoo!! I made the Digital Candy Creative Team. How stinkin’ cool is that! I kinda had a feeling I was going to become a member, but then I started worrying that I wouldn’t make it. Now I can’t wait to start! I have to wait until June 1st before I officially start, but at least I don’t have to wait to find out until then.. wow that would’ve killed me! So there will be even more layouts to bombard my blog!

I’m not sure how much time I will have to blog this weekend as things will be a little hectic, but there will be a big post from me tomorrow about the newest stuff going on at PrettyScrappy.com, a new kit, a brag book page hunt and even a freebie from me! We have so much going on in the next couple of days I don’t know if I’m going to have time to stop and breathe let alone accomplish everything!

Today my best friend and her son are coming over for a “play date” to hang out in the new pool and of course just hang out, then I need to bake a cake for my sister’s graduation which is tomorrow, make a pasta side for Rick’s work party that’s tomorrow and then get ready to go out to dinner and pick my Mum up at 4 so we can go out to dinner come home and frost the cake and get that ready for tomorrow, finish picking up the house and I’m sure something else will pop up along the way.

Tomorrow is graduation, which we have to leave the house at 8 or just before, so we can drop off the cake to my mom’s (they live 20 minutes away, so leaving the cake here isn’t going to work), head to the graduation ceremony and of course watch Andrea graduate. Then after graduation lunch (we’re doing dinner tonight as the restaurant she wanted to eat at isn’t open for lunch)  then I’m hoping we can come home let the kids nap, re-coop for a little bit before heading off to a party thrown by one of Rick’s boss’.

I’m hoping nothing exciting is going to happen on Sunday so I can take the day off and recover from all of the festivities that we’re having this weekend.

enjoy the freebie post tomorrow, and I’ll hopefully be around sometime to post pictures etc.



May 30, 2008. Creative Team, Digital Candy, Digital Scrapbooking, Family, Life.

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