Oh Friday the 13th…

I’m not normally superstitious, but I think I might start. I have never had anything go wrong on a Friday the 13th until this year.

Friday morning we were getting ready to head to our friends house so that Missy and “Z” could play. We are pretty much ready except I needed to tie my hair up and I had left my pony tail holder in the bathroom, as I turn around to walk back in Buddy (our wonderful boxer mix pup) was right behind me. I tripped over him and managed to kick the bathroom door right in the door jam so of course the door didn’t give way to my big butt falling and I hear a snap. Sure enough, I’ve broken my pinky toe on my left foot and I have to say it hurts like a bugger!

Here’s what it looked like 10pm Friday night almost 12 hours after the incident.

It got a little blacker yesterday and today it’s starting to look a more pinkish purple. It hurts to sit still with it up as I was advised, and it hurts obviously to walk, or sit with my leg down.. I just can’t win! Sleeping is fun, thank goodness I only really sleep on my right side, so there’s no worry of bumping it in my sleep. I think I might have my doctor check it tomorrow just to make sure it’s okay before we let it continue healing. We decided to try and tape it to my other toe and I have to say, that was the wrong idea. I had Rick un-tape it faster than he taped it and was in tears by the end of the whole fiasco.

So needless to say our weekend has been fun as I’ve had to rest and I hobble about when I do get up to help Rick with the kids or attempt to do anything relatively helpful.


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Glad the weekend is over..

This weekend went by so fast, I’m not sure if I really even stopped to breathe. Saturday morning we spent relaxing before Missy’s big debut on the stage at the King Center. She was extremely excited and couldn’t wait to get ready to go.

We stopped by Lizzy’s house to have her hair done, which of course this time included glitter! So Missy & I headed off to the King Center, without a peep from the back seat – normally she will talk your ear off the whole car journey, but this time she just sat back there watching out of the window singing along with the radio. We did a quick change-a-roo in the truck before heading back stage to find the rest of her class. Once we found her class she and her friend “B” went off and sat down to wait while I was told to hurry up and get a good seat so I could see her. We of course doused her in more glitter spray like the other girls and I headed off to pick the perfect spot for viewing my little ballerina.

Her act was 6th so of course there was another 20 something acts after hers before I could finally see her after her performance. She did really well! She was center stage with her friend “B” right next to her – this made taping them MUCH easier! The rest of the recital was good, but I have a feeling that as Missy grows up she’ll be one of those girls that dances in almost every act (there were other girls who seemed to dance in every thing), so we’ll have to take out a second mortgage just to cover her dance costs. They had a small award ceremony after the recital and she received a medal, which she is quite proud of.

Here’s a couple of pictures from her day..

Missy & “B” backstage

Missy at her dress rehearsal all dressed up and make-up’d

Saturday night after her “after party” we were winding down getting ready for bed, when she asked if I could floss her teeth as she had pizza stuck in them. I told her “in a minute” and figured I would do it before she went to bed. The next thing I know she’s on the floor sobbing.  I asked her what was wrong and I got “I think I broke my tooth” as a response. So I made her come and sit with me so I could look and sure enough she had a wiggly tooth. So Rick & I explained to her about wiggly teeth and how it happens to everyone and that it’s okay etc. and of course how the Tooth Fairy comes. So she went to bed wiggling the thing constantly. The next morning of course it was still hanging in there. I figured we had a week at most before the thing would finally come out, well I hear Rick rushing into her bathroom and she’s sounding happy, so I follow in behind to find out that she pulled her tooth out and figured she should throw it in the garbage can. We rescued her tooth and put it in a safe place until bed time.

I had an idea to make her a special tooth fairy pillow – to make it easier for the tooth fairy to come and take her tooth with her, so Missy & I sat at my sewing machine and we embroidered “tooth fairy” on the fabric and then made a cute little pocket to the front.  The pillow didn’t really take me all that long to finish, so she was set for bedtime now that she had a place to keep her tooth.

Low and behold she notices the tooth next to the first wiggly tooth is loose too! As of this morning it’s still in place just as wiggly as it was last night. After the surprise of finding a quarter in her pillow this morning I am shocked that she hasn’t pulled out her other one yet.

She has tho had to call my Mum, Rick’s Dad, my sister and my best friend to find out if they have all had wiggly teeth *laugh*. I guess she wasn’t quite sure what we were filling her head with, but she had to check with everyone.

Here’s some pictures of my grown up little girl and her new gap!

Missy and the tooth

Her little tooth.. it looks so tiny in her hand

Her new little gap.

Her Tooth Fairy Pillow that we made

Well, I have Little Man napping so I’m going to go and try to get something constructive accomplished.


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Dress Rehearsal went okay… and more layouts..

Yesterday we headed off to Missy’s dress rehearsal for her recital. I took her first to Rick’s office and we let Lizzy do her hair, she has her own business doing up-do’s so she’s a pro at it and of course it stays in MUCH better than if I tried to do it – check her out at http://www.myspace.com/do2you. Then we headed to dance class where I got to “make” Missy up – a little eye shadow, blush and lip gloss. And then we went inside and watched her practice.

They are soo cute in their little pink costumes! I can’t wait to see her up on the stage tomorrow. She is of course excited about dancing “on the big stage” and I’m sure we’ll have a hard time geting her to bed tonight. I took quite a few pictures of her and her friend “B” dancing, I created some pages of them with the kit I’m using for the Digital Candy CT.

I also participated in a few challenges for this month (altho I’m planning on adding to the challenge count tonight if the kids co-operate) so there is a couple of layouts for that also.

and of course here are my layouts 🙂

“My Petite Ballerina” – This is the picture I took and used for Missy’s “after party” invitation. Template is by Moriginals and the kit is Lil’ Prima by Duchess Designs

“Friends” – Missy & “B” before they danced. Kit is Lil’ Prima by Duchess Designs

“Dress rehearsal” – is a layout I created for the ABC challenge at Digital Candy using the kit I am “using” for the CT. Template is by Racketty Scrappety and the kit of course is Lil’ Prima.

Another challenge layout is this one:

“Priceless” – the challenge was to come up with a layout and use the Mastercard commercial as the theme. I took these pictures back a while ago and I took them because I actually said the commercial while Rick was using the 2 laptops, so they fitted of course for this perfectly. Template is by Purple Tulip Designs and the kit is a collab. kit from Scrap Orchard from the “so you think you can design” contest.

my last layout is one of recent pictures of Little Man using a template by Duchess Designs which I entered in their monthly Challenge on their blog.

“Your Many Faces” – Template by Duchess Designs, Kit – Spring Swing by Sarah Belle.

If you are interested in the templates or the kit I used by Duchess designs check them out In their store at Digital Candy

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Digital Candy CT June Layouts

We have been so busy this week that I haven’t had a chance to sit and post my latest layouts for the CT. They are of course in my gallery but I haven’t had time to add them here.

My assignment this month is Duchess Designs, which I have to say there is some beautiful stuff there! I’ll link to the store incase you’re interested in Maria’s stuff.

For my first “assignment” I did a layout with the new template pack, which can be found here.

Here are my layouts:

“Class of 2008” – these are pictures from my sister’s Graduation last weekend. The kit I used was Sarah Belle’s Spring Swing.

“Mickey & Pluto” – This has to be my favorite one of the two. These are the pictures we took on our last trip to Disney this past Christmas. The kit I used was by Britt-ish Designs – “Leave the world behind”.

I am also featured on Duchess Design’s blog for the Mickey & Pluto Layout click here to see it!

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Bitter Sweet Moments..

Well this weekend/week has been very bitter sweet for us.

My sister graduated from High School on Saturday, which is a great accomplishment but yet at the same time my kid sister isn’t my kid sister an more, she’s a “grown up”. It’s definitely been amazing to watch her go from being a cute little kid who I taught to ride her bike, walk, talk, and I’m sure a 100 other things along the way to this beautiful woman that she’s becoming. Of course there was no getting around some kind of action – We decided to leave the uncomfortable bleachers in the scorching sun to find some shade and maybe a chance for the kids to run about a little bit. Well, while standing in the sun goofing off with the kids Rick tells me to “hold the stroller” and “where’s our water” and takes off running. A woman had collapsed from the heat and he was off to help. You’ve got to love him, cuz he was very helpful with her and was making sure everything was okay until the paramedics showed up. So apart from that Graduation went off with out a hitch.

The rest of this week has been a blur and really nothing to comment on eventful anyway.

This morning we headed over to Orlando to take Missy to her Urologist appointment. Normally we wait a good hour before even being taken back to a room and then wait another 45 minutes to see him. Not today! I was amazed, we were there a total of 45 minutes! We were shocked as we figured we wouldn’t be home until well into this afternoon. The doctor came in and was really impressed with the way that Missy has grown and of course how smart she is. She didn’t remember him as it’s been 2 years since our last visit with him, so it took a little bit, I think for her to remember him. Anyways everything is going as he’d said, she only now has one viable kidney and her right one has pretty much dissipated and probably in another couple of years there will be no signs of a right kidney at all. So he’s discharged us and we no longer need to make our yearly trips over to see him. I got a little teary eyed as he was telling Missy that he’d been taking care of her since she was in my tummy and he had held her as a little tiny baby, as well as now that she’s a big grown up girl and he’s very proud of her and how well she’s doing. I told Rick once we got home that I really wish we’d taken the camera so we could’ve taken a picture or two to scrap with him, just so that we always had that to look back on as an accomplishment for her, health wise anyway. So of course she skipped right out to the parking lot and hopped into the truck like this was the best trip we’d ever taken while I’m getting Little Man in the truck getting all emotional over the fact that we probably won’t see this man who’s taken awesome care of our daughter, addressed any of our concerns and really been a big help when it’s come to her kidney/urinary issues that the thought of not seeing him any more is sad. We will of course still send Christmas cards etc and try to keep in touch with him, just incase. He did tell us that if she had a UTI in the future of course he wants to know about it and to touch base with him if we have any questions, concerns etc where to go from here.

So it was a very bitter sweet moment but I guess that’s all apart of life, it happens and it’s definitely something to look back at and say “wow we made it thru that okay” and now, sitting here I remember the first thing this wonderful, completely understanding individual said to me when we found out about Missy’s condition during my pregnancy on the phone, before I had even met him in person… “don’t worry about anything, I’ll take great care of her, and she’ll be a beautiful, perfect little girl” and he is so right. She has been a trooper through everything, the testing, the hospital stays the constant poking and prodding, the ultra sounds every year – taking monkey with her to every appointment and yet he knew all along 6 years ago that we would get to this point and she would be okay. I owe him so much along with the doctor I was working for at the time (another urologist) for getting us in touch with this amazing man, but yet I don’t know if words can express my gratitude. I’d love to write him and tell him all of this, but I don’t want to sound like a twit, or even some over emotional mother – which I probably do here, but that’s why I write here, but yet I want him to know what it’s meant to us to know that we’ve had him as our support system and how he’s helped us through this journey of finding out that our child would only ever have one kidney to where she is today, surgery free, happy and healthy.

Well now that I have rambled on and got emotional I’m off to cook dinner.


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