Glad the weekend is over..

This weekend went by so fast, I’m not sure if I really even stopped to breathe. Saturday morning we spent relaxing before Missy’s big debut on the stage at the King Center. She was extremely excited and couldn’t wait to get ready to go.

We stopped by Lizzy’s house to have her hair done, which of course this time included glitter! So Missy & I headed off to the King Center, without a peep from the back seat – normally she will talk your ear off the whole car journey, but this time she just sat back there watching out of the window singing along with the radio. We did a quick change-a-roo in the truck before heading back stage to find the rest of her class. Once we found her class she and her friend “B” went off and sat down to wait while I was told to hurry up and get a good seat so I could see her. We of course doused her in more glitter spray like the other girls and I headed off to pick the perfect spot for viewing my little ballerina.

Her act was 6th so of course there was another 20 something acts after hers before I could finally see her after her performance. She did really well! She was center stage with her friend “B” right next to her – this made taping them MUCH easier! The rest of the recital was good, but I have a feeling that as Missy grows up she’ll be one of those girls that dances in almost every act (there were other girls who seemed to dance in every thing), so we’ll have to take out a second mortgage just to cover her dance costs. They had a small award ceremony after the recital and she received a medal, which she is quite proud of.

Here’s a couple of pictures from her day..

Missy & “B” backstage

Missy at her dress rehearsal all dressed up and make-up’d

Saturday night after her “after party” we were winding down getting ready for bed, when she asked if I could floss her teeth as she had pizza stuck in them. I told her “in a minute” and figured I would do it before she went to bed. The next thing I know she’s on the floor sobbing.  I asked her what was wrong and I got “I think I broke my tooth” as a response. So I made her come and sit with me so I could look and sure enough she had a wiggly tooth. So Rick & I explained to her about wiggly teeth and how it happens to everyone and that it’s okay etc. and of course how the Tooth Fairy comes. So she went to bed wiggling the thing constantly. The next morning of course it was still hanging in there. I figured we had a week at most before the thing would finally come out, well I hear Rick rushing into her bathroom and she’s sounding happy, so I follow in behind to find out that she pulled her tooth out and figured she should throw it in the garbage can. We rescued her tooth and put it in a safe place until bed time.

I had an idea to make her a special tooth fairy pillow – to make it easier for the tooth fairy to come and take her tooth with her, so Missy & I sat at my sewing machine and we embroidered “tooth fairy” on the fabric and then made a cute little pocket to the front.  The pillow didn’t really take me all that long to finish, so she was set for bedtime now that she had a place to keep her tooth.

Low and behold she notices the tooth next to the first wiggly tooth is loose too! As of this morning it’s still in place just as wiggly as it was last night. After the surprise of finding a quarter in her pillow this morning I am shocked that she hasn’t pulled out her other one yet.

She has tho had to call my Mum, Rick’s Dad, my sister and my best friend to find out if they have all had wiggly teeth *laugh*. I guess she wasn’t quite sure what we were filling her head with, but she had to check with everyone.

Here’s some pictures of my grown up little girl and her new gap!

Missy and the tooth

Her little tooth.. it looks so tiny in her hand

Her new little gap.

Her Tooth Fairy Pillow that we made

Well, I have Little Man napping so I’m going to go and try to get something constructive accomplished.



June 9, 2008. Missy.

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