Oh Friday the 13th…

I’m not normally superstitious, but I think I might start. I have never had anything go wrong on a Friday the 13th until this year.

Friday morning we were getting ready to head to our friends house so that Missy and “Z” could play. We are pretty much ready except I needed to tie my hair up and I had left my pony tail holder in the bathroom, as I turn around to walk back in Buddy (our wonderful boxer mix pup) was right behind me. I tripped over him and managed to kick the bathroom door right in the door jam so of course the door didn’t give way to my big butt falling and I hear a snap. Sure enough, I’ve broken my pinky toe on my left foot and I have to say it hurts like a bugger!

Here’s what it looked like 10pm Friday night almost 12 hours after the incident.

It got a little blacker yesterday and today it’s starting to look a more pinkish purple. It hurts to sit still with it up as I was advised, and it hurts obviously to walk, or sit with my leg down.. I just can’t win! Sleeping is fun, thank goodness I only really sleep on my right side, so there’s no worry of bumping it in my sleep. I think I might have my doctor check it tomorrow just to make sure it’s okay before we let it continue healing. We decided to try and tape it to my other toe and I have to say, that was the wrong idea. I had Rick un-tape it faster than he taped it and was in tears by the end of the whole fiasco.

So needless to say our weekend has been fun as I’ve had to rest and I hobble about when I do get up to help Rick with the kids or attempt to do anything relatively helpful.


June 15, 2008. Life.

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