We’re finally moving!!

We are finally moving into OUR house. What a pain house hunting is. Seriously we’ve seen over 40 homes in our area. We finally realized we weren’t going to find our dream home – why we had that preconceived notion I don’t know and decided to look for one with potential (we’ve been watching way too much HGTV recently).

We fell in love with a 2 story, ranch style home. It needs some work – cosmetic only really – and a little updating and I think we could turn it into a great home. It’s a 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage and honestly I can’t wait to start making it ours. The apartment was nice as I’d decorated it the way I wanted it, but the house we’re renting (until tomorrow) I haven’t done anything with, there’s still the home owners wallpaper borders, wall colour choice (which really is just white except for one bedroom which is blue) and doesn’t feel like home. I will of course post before and after pictures once I’ve decorated. For right now we are just trying to get moved in and unpacked or at least the majority of it, as my Aunt & Uncle are coming over to visit August 18th, so I want to have the house somewhat “normal” looking before they get here. We have a few minor repairs to make and then we will finally close on the house, but that shouldn’t take us too long and hopefully Rick can do most of the work himself.

Here’s a couple of pictures of our home. It’s soo nice to know that it’s going to be ours and we won’t have to worry about moving, landlords etc. , maybe Missy will stop calling the apartment home and finally call the house home.

from across the street

The front porch – That’s the part Rick knew I would fall in love with as soon as he saw it on the housing list

from the corner – here you can see the second story (that’s Little man’s bedroom window at the top there) as well as the big yard Rick’s going to have to mow lol.

I will probably not be about this weekend as tomorrow our stuff will be moved into the new house and then Sunday the cable company is coming to install our cable and internet. I’ll try and hop on rick’s laptop to let you know how the move’s going, if I’m not up to my eyeballs with boxes!

Well, I’m gonna run as I should be putting more stuff into boxes.



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My most recent scrappin’s

for my second kit this month from Hollihobbi I chose to use her Second Best kit. It is themed for fourth of July – red, white and blue and it went PERFECTLY with my pictures from this 4th as well as ones from past 4ths.

Here are my layouts.

Little Man’s 1st Fourth – Created using Hollihobbi’s Second Best kit.

Daddy’s Uniform – These pictures are of Missy from 2005. I dressed her up in Rick’s Army uniform and took pictures of her dressed as Daddy. I printed it and put it in a frame that I decorated with paper scrapping embellishments. This layout was created using Hollihobbi’s Second Best kit and the template is Brackity by Kim Broedelet

July Calendar Topper – this will be used on our calendar that we give out at Christmas to the family for next year. It’s my two monkeys out in our yard with their American flags. Created using Hollihobbi’s Second best kit.

Here’s a preview of the kit

If you’re interested in the Second Best Kit you can head over to Digital Candy and purchase it here

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Birthday Party pictures..

I have finally had a chance to sit still and download the pictures off of the camera from Missy’s party this weekend.

Missy just after she bowled her ball (my camera was slow and missed the ball by a second or so!)

This picture was originally going to be of our friend Mike, but once I got it downloaded off of the camera I noticed a certain someone *Missy* and take a look at her face! That’s priceless. She’d just knocked down a bunch of pins and was just a little excited!

Missy heading off to bowl. Papa had just given her a lesson on how to bowl a little easier than she was. And that’s Tat in the background getting ready to bowl.

Missy blowing out the candles on her cake – it survived the 20 minute drive to the bowling alley with no mishaps!

After blowing out her candles and making her wish

I’m so glad she had such a wonderful time bowling. The party was great. We had a “party co-ordinator”  who cleaned up after us, served food, brought the drinks, gave the kids balloons. It was nice to just hang out and enjoy the day.

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Whew.. I’m glad I got it finished!

Well as you can see by the time stamp on this post, it took me all evening to get Missy’s cake finished.

Making the fondant decorations for her cake wasn’t the complicated part. It was attaching them to the lollypop sticks and tooth picks that I found difficult. I think I have also set a record for the amount of frosting used on one cake! I used 3 cans of frosting, which to date has been the most I think I’ve ever used, except for when I did my first cake as I buggered that up and had to start all over again *oops*

Okay enough of the rambling, I’m sure you just want to see my finished cake. First of all I want to show you the cake I copied. I was searching online for Hannah Montana birthday supplies – this is the theme Missy picked for this years birthday, and I stumbled across this cake and knew this was the one! I showed Missy and of course that was it, there was no looking at other cakes that was the one she wanted.

Here’s the cake created by Cake it or Leave it

and here’s my attempt.

my hand made number 5. I’m quite impressed with that as I’ve never done anything like this before. I think for my first attempt it’s pretty darn good, especially when I just had a picture to go off of. Lets just hope it meets Missy’s approval in the morning, and can hold out for our car ride to the bowling alley.

I’ll post pics of the party once we get home

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It’s almost party time!!

Tomorrow is Missy’s big day! This week we have been busy with final birthday preparations as well as our every day “normal” busy schedule.

So far this week swimming lessons have gone really well for Missy. Considering she is really not one for being in the water she’s taken to it like a fish – I watched her yesterday putting her face underwater, which is great progress for her especially with this only being her first week she’s doing great. Little Man on the other hand HATES with a capital H swimming lessons. His class is super cute – we sing songs, do silly dances etc and both days (he only goes Tues. & Thurs.) he has screamed the whole time we were in the pool. Yesterday the lifeguard dunked him and he didn’t care, she even made him swim underwater and he didn’t care, but yet singing “the wheels on the bus” makes him cry. I do tho give him credit as due to the all day rain shower we had Wednesday the pool was quite chilly and he hung in there like a trooper, myself on the other hand was shivering like a crazy woman! I’ll try and take a couple of pictures of the monkeys – probably just of Missy, next week while in class.

Tuesday after swimming lessons Bea came home with us and we had a fun filled afternoon. For lunch we made “silly face pizzas” using bagels and they had a great time! I have a couple of pictures of the pizzas they were just soo cute it was hard not to take pictures!

Aren’t they the cutest? Missy LOVED making the face pizza’s so I’ve had to promise that we can make them again with Rick as he was at work and missed out on all of the fun. I also let the girls dress up to eat lunch – they’d been playing dress up before, and I thought it would be super cute to have a “tea party” with their pizzas.

Here they are the ballerina and a kitty

I tried to take a nice picture of them while they are at the table getting ready to eat and they decided that they needed silly faces to match the pizza 🙂

I think the girls had a great time and I enjoyed having the pair of them.

Wednesday Little Man learned a new trick and earn himself a lower crib! I heard him on the baby monitor wake up from his nap – he sounded quite happy and was playing in there. I finished up folding the load of laundry I had and then went to get him. I push our bedroom door open and I find him sitting up peeking over the top of the crib at me! He was quite impressed with his little self and I had Missy run and grab my camera (of course!) and managed to catch his little face all happy with himself.

Needless to say the crib is now on the lower setting so he can’t fall out if he manages to pull himself up to his knees. He has also decided that taking everything off of the coffee table is a fun game too. I have a couple of books on there at the moment that I was tracing sewing patterns out of, and he likes to sneak up and grab them and whisk them right off! He’s had the paint chip’s, pens, the coasters you name it he’s had it off of there! He’s a destructive little monkey. He likes to pull out all of his toys from his basket and then push them all over the floor, he cries, I pick them all up again and we go thru the cycle all over again.

Well I have Missy’s birthday cake on the cooling rack in the kitchen, so I can get that frosted tonight – look for pictures of it tomorrow – I’ll probably post the pictures from her whole day in one big post, unless I get a chance to post the pics of the cake tonight when I’m finished with it.

I should probably go and get a few things done before Rick gets home and I am chained to the frosting and the cake!


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My latest scrap layouts….

With everything that has been going on I haven’t had a chance to sit still and really scrap, but this weekend I managed to squeak some time in, thanks to a wonderful hubby for covering for me for an hour! And I managed to create 2 layouts for my new assignment this month with Digital Candy . This month I am creating layouts for HolliHobbi. The first kit I worked with is “Rain” which inspired me to take some super cute pictures of Missy out in the rain with her umbrella. Thanks to Florida’s rainy season it was easy to pick the perfect time to do a photo shoot.

Here’s my layouts

“why does it always rain in Florida?” was created using the Rain kit by HolliHobbi. The template I used is by Moriginals.

“Rain Rain Go Away” – created using the Rain kit by HolliHobbi. The word art on the page is included in the kit, I just used a colour overlay to make it blend more into the paper.

If you’re interested in the Rain kit you can find it at Digital Candy

Apart from scrapping our weekend was pretty boring as Little man started getting sick Friday night. I took him to the doctor on Saturday and he has Croup & an ear infection, poor baby. The doctor said that it’s a very mild infection, but he must be sensitive to pain as most kids don’t fuss with their ears until it’s much worse. I’m just glad I caught it early enough! He’s been very cuddly which I’m lapping up as I don’t get that from either one of my kiddo’s very often. He’s even been sleeping with me again – I know we’ve just broken him of that not to long ago, but I hate him being in pain and sick. Missy gets to sleep with us every now and then, so I guess it’s only fair, that and I like a good cuddle!

Today Missy started swimming lessons and I have to say I’m quite shocked that she went off just fine and had no problems with going off with the lifeguard. The whole time leading up to class she has been a little worried about going. We arrived early so her “teacher” took her off in the pool alone and I think that helped boost her confidence a little more and she was quite happy after class and can’t wait to go back tomorrow. Adam has his first “class” tomorrow, we were sitting out on the side watching the baby class today and it looked super cute singing songs and just really playing about in the pool.

Tomorrow I’m going to be busy as we have swim class for both kiddo’s in the morning and then after that we’re bringing Missy’s friend Bea back with us for a lunch play date. I’m going to have Bea until 3:30-4ish, so it’s going to be a fun filled day while the girls play. I’m really looking forward to having her and spending a “girly” day with them.

I’m not sure how much I’ll be on to blog in the next couple of days as Missy’s 5th birthday is on Saturday and we’re having a party at the bowling alley for her. With us moving in the next week or so we figured that was much easier than inviting the family to our house for a boring ol’ get together. Wednesday I start making her cake. She chose a Hannah Montana cake that I’m going to hopefully copy from a picture we found online of a cake shops creation, I just hope I do it justice! I will of course post all of the pictures of the cake and of her party here. I just can’t believe how time has flown since she was a little monkey herself and now she’s all grown up. Gift buying this year has been super tough not just for me, but family also. I can’t believe how stumped I’ve been with what to buy her when normally I have it picked out months in advance. Any suggestions for a 5 year old girl are welcome as I only have a few ideas. We asked her and she said “a box of cereal” she’s just soo funny!

Well, I have things to be doing!

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What a week *this could wind up being long*

Well we’ve had one busy ol’ week and it’s only going to keep being like this from now until Missy starts school and then of course we stay crazily busy for the remainder of the year.

We’ve had play dates at the park, a doctor’s visit (I’ll fill you in on that a little later), Missy spent the day with Nana and went to the beach, birthday party plans have been finalized and of course getting ready for our move – carpet goes in the new house on Tuesday!!

Missy’s doctor’s appointment was supposed to be a routine yearly check up – normally we go in, she has her vitals taken, we chat with the doctor for a few minutes, she has her routine echo and then we wait for the doctor to read it and then come and discuss with us the plan for treatment – which is normally nothing and then he says “I’ll see you in a year”. Nothing spectacular happens and we’re normally home in a couple of hours. So much for that plan this time around. Our appointment was at 11am and we arrived a little before that – I over judged the drive time from our house to his new office so we waited and were taken back early. I thought we were on a roll as the doctor had come in and seen us on time – normally we wait forever to see him. Then the normal transition of waiting for the echo to be started, the echo and then the wait to see him again before being discharged, all was going great, until the doctor comes in and apologizes for us having to wait and did we mind waiting a little longer as he wanted to do another echo and he was going to do it. I ask “what’s wrong” – no response and I start to worry a little. So he looks at his watch and says “how about you go and get the children some lunch and come back in an hour and I’ll do the echo and we’ll go from there. So I ask again and he informs me that he thinks he sees a small issue just below Missy’s Aortic valve that could cause an obstruction and would need to be removed. I have had heart surgery myself, but I was 18 months old, so I asked if it would be like the procedure I had and he says “oh no, this would have to be OPEN HEART SURGERY”. My heart just dropped to the floor. So we head out to go and get lunch and I called Rick to come and be with me as if that was what was going to go on I would need him as I wouldn’t be able to hold myself together. We came back, and went right in with the doctor and the echo tech. to have this repeat echo done. The doctor and the tech were discussing stuff and to be honest it was scary to listen to them saying about “well I can see it, but not quite what I want to see” and ” why can’t I see right there… ” “is it attached, I really can’t tell”. so he finishes up and Missy was quite happy as she got to watch another round of Sponge Bob we head to the exam room and he explains that he doesn’t think at this particular time that this is causing an obstruction, that we should watch it carefully and come back in 6 months for him to re-evaluate. If it looks like he originally thought he is going to refer us to a cardiac surgeon out of Tampa – St. Petersburg and we’d go from there. We were asking him about her down time etc. and he said it would be 3-5 days in the hospital depending on how she does and then we would have to keep her home for 6 weeks. I’m not sure how well that will work out as she’s a very busy little girl, so trying to get her to be easy for 6 weeks will be tough. Now I just have to wait for January to roll around and see what happens then. I’m going to discuss it with our pediatrician and see what his thoughts are. This was the last thing I was worried about. Her kidney issue had been “resolved” and we’d had a positive note on that one and then get whacked with this.

I’m going to have grey hair by Christmas with all of this stress! I guess it would be a new look!

Well I must run as Little Man isn’t a happy camper this morning


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Another Weekend has come and almost gone..

Happy belated 4th!! We have been keeping busy so I didn’t get a chance to hop on and wish everyone a Happy 4th. I hope you had a wonderful time, saw some great firework displays and of course stayed safe!

We didn’t do a whole lot of anything for the 4th. We had decided that we weren’t going to try and head out with the crowds to sit in the mugginess to watch fireworks, so we spent the weekend with my Mum, sister, her boyfriend & the kids. We did a small “firework display” at the end of our driveway which both kids enjoyed as well as a few sparklers. If we had been with out the visit from the mosquito’s I think it would’ve been MUCH nicer.

Here’s a few pictures from our weekend…

Little man watching the fireworks

Missy & Andrea watching the fireworks

Rick & Missy lighting sparklers

Missy & her sparkler

During the week the kids and I have been going for morning walks, we would go in the evenings but living in Florida with it being the rainy season we normally get rained out. Missy has a fascination with picking flowers, it doesn’t matter where we are, she has to pick at least one if she sees it. So I have shown her how to press flowers using Rick’s heavy computer books, so it’s not become a daily event to pick new flowers to press. Considering most of these are “wild” flowers that she picks from the side of the road or on vacant lots some of them are beautiful. here’s 2 I managed to take pictures of before she pressed them

It amazes me how pretty they are and yet I can’t seem to grow anything nearly as pretty in our yard, go figure! We have planted more seeds as we won’t be going away on vacation for them to not get watered this time, so hopefully they all grow, I’m getting a little disappointed with the rose seeds, as this is the 3rd time of trying with them and they still aren’t sprouting. I’m doing what it says on the package, so I have no idea.

This time around we have planted sunflowers, delphinium, petunias, asslyum *could have spellt that one wrong*, flax, daisy’s, a butterfly bush, pitcher plant and I think something else – I don’t remember them all. Most of them have sprouted but I’m still waiting on the pitcher plant to sprout as well as these darned roses. If they don’t sprout this time I think I’m just going to give up and buy an already established bush when we move into our house.

well I hear Little Man and it sounds like he’s ready for a nap *he’s in the office with me but getting cranky*, so I’m off for now. I will try to get back on later and post a few of my more recent layouts.


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I had layouts Published!!

This morning I came in to check my email and I had an email from Casey at Pretty Scrappy with a copy of the news letter that my “to have and to hold” and “summer fun” layouts have been published along with the “Summer Fun Kit Review” from the big collaboration the designers at Pretty Scrappy created. How stinkin’ cool is that.

If you want to check it out here’s the site for the download http://scrapyourlife.eu/shop.php

I thought I’d share the news!

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I’ve been a tad bit busy..

for some reason the past couple of weeks have been keeping us so busy.

We have finally found a house that we both like and have an accepted offer!! We are now trying to get the carpet installed and the inspection done and should hopefully get everything said and done by the middle of the month. I will post a few pictures etc once I know for sure it’s ours 🙂 I’m really excited about having a house that is finally OURS and I can decorate how ever I want with out having someone to answer to (well besides my husband). It’ll be so nice to landscape our yard the way I want it and finally have a home. Altho I really loved the way I had the apartment decorated and that felt like home to me.. so maybe we’ll go with the cozy theme again. I do know that I want our house to have the country theme to it, so once I have an idea of what we’re doing I’ll share that too!

Besides buying a house, we have been busy with normal every day stuff – play dates, errands, chores – yuck boring! I just haven’t really found the time to get on the computer and blog or scrap. I plan on this weekend really scrapping my little heart out as I have some pictures that need pages made and of course to have the me time. So look for new layouts from me this weekend. I have also been assigned to Hollihobbi for this month with the digital candy CT I’m excited to get started so those layouts of course will be shown off here too.

This past weekend I went and registered my 2 monkeys for swim classes, get this registration started at 8am but I got there at 5:45a just to make sure I had a spot for them in the classes! that’s nuts! We live in Florida and I had to get up at 5:15 just to get my kids classes. There was one very crazy lady who was there at 3am just so she could be first in line madness I tell ya! I did tho see an old friend and it was nice to catch up as well as making a few new ones and started a new book. as I got home the kids and Rick had just gotten up so we ran errands and had a nice family day and by lunch time I was ready for a nap!

Another reason I haven’t really had time to blog is I have been reading my little heart out! I was determined to finish my last book The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult before Lifetime Network premiered the movie this past Saturday. It was a really good book and I have to say I enjoyed it from beginning to end, sometimes I find her writing a little hard going (altho most her books are on my to be read list) but this was a super cool read, so if you like a good twist to the story this is a good one! I’m now reading the Memory Keepers Daughter by Kim Edwards. I’m not that far in the book yet but I’ll let you know about that one. I will try and blog more about my reading as reviews on books I always find helpeful etc, and yet another thing to categorize in my blog.. the list just keeps getting longer and longer.

well, I have Little Man napping, so I should probably take advantage of it and get something done I can’t do when he’s up and about!

I’ll try not to take such a long break in my blogging this time!


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