What a week *this could wind up being long*

Well we’ve had one busy ol’ week and it’s only going to keep being like this from now until Missy starts school and then of course we stay crazily busy for the remainder of the year.

We’ve had play dates at the park, a doctor’s visit (I’ll fill you in on that a little later), Missy spent the day with Nana and went to the beach, birthday party plans have been finalized and of course getting ready for our move – carpet goes in the new house on Tuesday!!

Missy’s doctor’s appointment was supposed to be a routine yearly check up – normally we go in, she has her vitals taken, we chat with the doctor for a few minutes, she has her routine echo and then we wait for the doctor to read it and then come and discuss with us the plan for treatment – which is normally nothing and then he says “I’ll see you in a year”. Nothing spectacular happens and we’re normally home in a couple of hours. So much for that plan this time around. Our appointment was at 11am and we arrived a little before that – I over judged the drive time from our house to his new office so we waited and were taken back early. I thought we were on a roll as the doctor had come in and seen us on time – normally we wait forever to see him. Then the normal transition of waiting for the echo to be started, the echo and then the wait to see him again before being discharged, all was going great, until the doctor comes in and apologizes for us having to wait and did we mind waiting a little longer as he wanted to do another echo and he was going to do it. I ask “what’s wrong” – no response and I start to worry a little. So he looks at his watch and says “how about you go and get the children some lunch and come back in an hour and I’ll do the echo and we’ll go from there. So I ask again and he informs me that he thinks he sees a small issue just below Missy’s Aortic valve that could cause an obstruction and would need to be removed. I have had heart surgery myself, but I was 18 months old, so I asked if it would be like the procedure I had and he says “oh no, this would have to be OPEN HEART SURGERY”. My heart just dropped to the floor. So we head out to go and get lunch and I called Rick to come and be with me as if that was what was going to go on I would need him as I wouldn’t be able to hold myself together. We came back, and went right in with the doctor and the echo tech. to have this repeat echo done. The doctor and the tech were discussing stuff and to be honest it was scary to listen to them saying about “well I can see it, but not quite what I want to see” and ” why can’t I see right there… ” “is it attached, I really can’t tell”. so he finishes up and Missy was quite happy as she got to watch another round of Sponge Bob we head to the exam room and he explains that he doesn’t think at this particular time that this is causing an obstruction, that we should watch it carefully and come back in 6 months for him to re-evaluate. If it looks like he originally thought he is going to refer us to a cardiac surgeon out of Tampa – St. Petersburg and we’d go from there. We were asking him about her down time etc. and he said it would be 3-5 days in the hospital depending on how she does and then we would have to keep her home for 6 weeks. I’m not sure how well that will work out as she’s a very busy little girl, so trying to get her to be easy for 6 weeks will be tough. Now I just have to wait for January to roll around and see what happens then. I’m going to discuss it with our pediatrician and see what his thoughts are. This was the last thing I was worried about. Her kidney issue had been “resolved” and we’d had a positive note on that one and then get whacked with this.

I’m going to have grey hair by Christmas with all of this stress! I guess it would be a new look!

Well I must run as Little Man isn’t a happy camper this morning



July 11, 2008. Life, Missy.

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