My latest scrap layouts….

With everything that has been going on I haven’t had a chance to sit still and really scrap, but this weekend I managed to squeak some time in, thanks to a wonderful hubby for covering for me for an hour! And I managed to create 2 layouts for my new assignment this month with Digital Candy . This month I am creating layouts for HolliHobbi. The first kit I worked with is “Rain” which inspired me to take some super cute pictures of Missy out in the rain with her umbrella. Thanks to Florida’s rainy season it was easy to pick the perfect time to do a photo shoot.

Here’s my layouts

“why does it always rain in Florida?” was created using the Rain kit by HolliHobbi. The template I used is by Moriginals.

“Rain Rain Go Away” – created using the Rain kit by HolliHobbi. The word art on the page is included in the kit, I just used a colour overlay to make it blend more into the paper.

If you’re interested in the Rain kit you can find it at Digital Candy

Apart from scrapping our weekend was pretty boring as Little man started getting sick Friday night. I took him to the doctor on Saturday and he has Croup & an ear infection, poor baby. The doctor said that it’s a very mild infection, but he must be sensitive to pain as most kids don’t fuss with their ears until it’s much worse. I’m just glad I caught it early enough! He’s been very cuddly which I’m lapping up as I don’t get that from either one of my kiddo’s very often. He’s even been sleeping with me again – I know we’ve just broken him of that not to long ago, but I hate him being in pain and sick. Missy gets to sleep with us every now and then, so I guess it’s only fair, that and I like a good cuddle!

Today Missy started swimming lessons and I have to say I’m quite shocked that she went off just fine and had no problems with going off with the lifeguard. The whole time leading up to class she has been a little worried about going. We arrived early so her “teacher” took her off in the pool alone and I think that helped boost her confidence a little more and she was quite happy after class and can’t wait to go back tomorrow. Adam has his first “class” tomorrow, we were sitting out on the side watching the baby class today and it looked super cute singing songs and just really playing about in the pool.

Tomorrow I’m going to be busy as we have swim class for both kiddo’s in the morning and then after that we’re bringing Missy’s friend Bea back with us for a lunch play date. I’m going to have Bea until 3:30-4ish, so it’s going to be a fun filled day while the girls play. I’m really looking forward to having her and spending a “girly” day with them.

I’m not sure how much I’ll be on to blog in the next couple of days as Missy’s 5th birthday is on Saturday and we’re having a party at the bowling alley for her. With us moving in the next week or so we figured that was much easier than inviting the family to our house for a boring ol’ get together. Wednesday I start making her cake. She chose a Hannah Montana cake that I’m going to hopefully copy from a picture we found online of a cake shops creation, I just hope I do it justice! I will of course post all of the pictures of the cake and of her party here. I just can’t believe how time has flown since she was a little monkey herself and now she’s all grown up. Gift buying this year has been super tough not just for me, but family also. I can’t believe how stumped I’ve been with what to buy her when normally I have it picked out months in advance. Any suggestions for a 5 year old girl are welcome as I only have a few ideas. We asked her and she said “a box of cereal” she’s just soo funny!

Well, I have things to be doing!


July 14, 2008. Creative Team, Digital Candy, Digital Scrapbooking, Layouts, Life.

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