It’s almost party time!!

Tomorrow is Missy’s big day! This week we have been busy with final birthday preparations as well as our every day “normal” busy schedule.

So far this week swimming lessons have gone really well for Missy. Considering she is really not one for being in the water she’s taken to it like a fish – I watched her yesterday putting her face underwater, which is great progress for her especially with this only being her first week she’s doing great. Little Man on the other hand HATES with a capital H swimming lessons. His class is super cute – we sing songs, do silly dances etc and both days (he only goes Tues. & Thurs.) he has screamed the whole time we were in the pool. Yesterday the lifeguard dunked him and he didn’t care, she even made him swim underwater and he didn’t care, but yet singing “the wheels on the bus” makes him cry. I do tho give him credit as due to the all day rain shower we had Wednesday the pool was quite chilly and he hung in there like a trooper, myself on the other hand was shivering like a crazy woman! I’ll try and take a couple of pictures of the monkeys – probably just of Missy, next week while in class.

Tuesday after swimming lessons Bea came home with us and we had a fun filled afternoon. For lunch we made “silly face pizzas” using bagels and they had a great time! I have a couple of pictures of the pizzas they were just soo cute it was hard not to take pictures!

Aren’t they the cutest? Missy LOVED making the face pizza’s so I’ve had to promise that we can make them again with Rick as he was at work and missed out on all of the fun. I also let the girls dress up to eat lunch – they’d been playing dress up before, and I thought it would be super cute to have a “tea party” with their pizzas.

Here they are the ballerina and a kitty

I tried to take a nice picture of them while they are at the table getting ready to eat and they decided that they needed silly faces to match the pizza šŸ™‚

I think the girls had a great time and I enjoyed having the pair of them.

Wednesday Little Man learned a new trick and earn himself a lower crib! I heard him on the baby monitor wake up from his nap – he sounded quite happy and was playing in there. I finished up folding the load of laundry I had and then went to get him. I push our bedroom door open and I find him sitting up peeking over the top of the crib at me! He was quite impressed with his little self and I had Missy run and grab my camera (of course!) and managed to catch his little face all happy with himself.

Needless to say the crib is now on the lower setting so he can’t fall out if he manages to pull himself up to his knees. He has also decided that taking everything off of the coffee table is a fun game too. I have a couple of books on there at the moment that I was tracing sewing patterns out of, and he likes to sneak up and grab them and whisk them right off! He’s had the paint chip’s, pens, the coasters you name it he’s had it off of there! He’s a destructive little monkey. He likes to pull out all of his toys from his basket and then push them all over the floor, he cries, I pick them all up again and we go thru the cycle all over again.

Well I have Missy’s birthday cake on the cooling rack in the kitchen, so I can get that frosted tonight – look for pictures of it tomorrow – I’ll probably post the pictures from her whole day in one big post, unless I get a chance to post the pics of the cake tonight when I’m finished with it.

I should probably go and get a few things done before Rick gets home and I am chained to the frosting and the cake!



July 18, 2008. Family, Life, Missy, Photo's.

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