Whew.. I’m glad I got it finished!

Well as you can see by the time stamp on this post, it took me all evening to get Missy’s cake finished.

Making the fondant decorations for her cake wasn’t the complicated part. It was attaching them to the lollypop sticks and tooth picks that I found difficult. I think I have also set a record for the amount of frosting used on one cake! I used 3 cans of frosting, which to date has been the most I think I’ve ever used, except for when I did my first cake as I buggered that up and had to start all over again *oops*

Okay enough of the rambling, I’m sure you just want to see my finished cake. First of all I want to show you the cake I copied. I was searching online for Hannah Montana birthday supplies – this is the theme Missy picked for this years birthday, and I stumbled across this cake and knew this was the one! I showed Missy and of course that was it, there was no looking at other cakes that was the one she wanted.

Here’s the cake created by Cake it or Leave it

and here’s my attempt.

my hand made number 5. I’m quite impressed with that as I’ve never done anything like this before. I think for my first attempt it’s pretty darn good, especially when I just had a picture to go off of. Lets just hope it meets Missy’s approval in the morning, and can hold out for our car ride to the bowling alley.

I’ll post pics of the party once we get home


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