Birthday Party pictures..

I have finally had a chance to sit still and download the pictures off of the camera from Missy’s party this weekend.

Missy just after she bowled her ball (my camera was slow and missed the ball by a second or so!)

This picture was originally going to be of our friend Mike, but once I got it downloaded off of the camera I noticed a certain someone *Missy* and take a look at her face! That’s priceless. She’d just knocked down a bunch of pins and was just a little excited!

Missy heading off to bowl. Papa had just given her a lesson on how to bowl a little easier than she was. And that’s Tat in the background getting ready to bowl.

Missy blowing out the candles on her cake – it survived the 20 minute drive to the bowling alley with no mishaps!

After blowing out her candles and making her wish

I’m so glad she had such a wonderful time bowling. The party was great. We had a “party co-ordinator”  who cleaned up after us, served food, brought the drinks, gave the kids balloons. It was nice to just hang out and enjoy the day.


July 21, 2008. Missy, Photo's.

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