Pretty Scrappy CT Call

Pretty Scrappy is currently having a CT call. Here’s the information below if you’re interested.

Good Luck to those who apply!


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Up to my eye balls in boxes..

I think if I never saw another cardboard box in my life I’d be quite happy. Who knew we had so much stuff to unpack! I think it’s more of a challenge as we still have odds and ends left at the other house, so I’m making a couple of trips trying to get the last of it over here. My little helpers really aren’t that helpful, so that doesn’t make things easy either.

We have managed to get the living room, dining room and sitting room for the most part done. Last night when the kids were in bed we put up pictures, and added my touches to the rooms. It’s starting to look like home. The poor office looks like my whole craft stash exploded in the room – it was all kept in our master closet in the other house as we didn’t really have a closet in our old office, well now I’m thinking I should’ve used the master bedroom in this house as the office just so I could have a walk in closet for all of my craft stuff! I didn’t realize until you condensed it  into one room how much stuff I actually have, and there’s still a box or two out in the garage needing to be brought in and unpacked! No wonder Rick hates it when I go to the craft store “shopping”.

I will try and post some pictures of the rooms that are finished as well as the “visitors” we had last night in our drainage ditch.

I must run as I’m trying to get a few more things done before Rick gets home in about an hour.


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