What a week this is turning out to be..

Tuesday is when it all started. We were all piled in the truck headed to take Missy to school (well, Little Man, Missy & I) and I hear her struggling to breathe. All I hear is wheezing and ask her if she’s okay. “I’m fine *wheeze wheeze*” is what I hear from the back seat. The closer to school I get the worse to me she sounds and I swing the truck around and head home. I call the pediatrician and make an appointment the minute we get in as they have both had a residual cough since they came off of the last round of antibiotic. 3pm is the earliest they can see them both. No big deal, I’ll just treat her with breathing treatments and keep her doing quiet activities until then.

Lunch time rolls around and Rick comes home forhis lunch break and Missy starts acting like she’s really sick – she’d been fine just a little wheezy all morning. He heads back to work and she progressively goes down hill from here. I was doing breathing treatments with her every 2 hours and it didn’t seem to be lasting her the 2 hours (we normally do them every 4-6 hours when she’s sick) and I start panicing as this is what happened last time she had pneumonia. I shower, and start getting ready to head to the doctors office and I hear “oh no.. Mama I just puked”. So now she’s throwing up and wheezing and getting up set causing her to be more out of breath than before. Little Man of course sees that the bathroom door is open and think’s it’s a game to see how quick he can get in there before I catch him. I call Rick in a desparate attempt to have some extra hands to help me clean up the mess that is now everywhere. I start cleaning up Missy after baby gating Little Man in the living room and notice she’s hot. So I finish wiping her down and help her change her clothes and take her temperature 101.2. Okay dose of Motrin, another breathing treatment and Rick’s home! Just in time for us to load up in the truck and head out.

Get to the pediatrician’s office and it’s the normal routine, weight, pulse ox, breathing treatment (I say normal routine as this is normal for us when she’s like this). Then she’s given 2 steroids, chest x-ray, blood draw and the diagnosis.. Pneumonia, but only in her left lung. The breathing treatment and steriod combo that they had given Missy helped her breathing slow down and  instead of heading to the hospital she’s sent home. Along with an antibiotic, steriod pills to be taken over the next 5 days and more breathing treatments. As well as Little Man has his own new concoction to take. Our Kitchen counter that evening seriously looked like a  pharmacy!

So now she’s home hyped up on Steriods, along with the mood swings that they cause and of course Adam is miserable too as he’s teething on top of being sick and of course he’s not dealing too well with Missy getting most of the attention from Mama.

Since she has been sick I have been able to keep her quiet (she’s normally a very active kid) by teaching her how to cross stitch. She’s stitching a small cat that looks like her cat Pumpkin. I’ll post pictures of it when she’s finished. It’s a slow progress and of course Adam doesn’t like the fact that I’m sitting with her and has made it difficult to get some done.

Then, last night I shut myself in my office and made Little Man’s cape for his Halloween costume. It turned out soo well (maybe I bias as I I made it). I didn’t follow a pattern or anything it’s completely 100% a Kate original lol. I have to get a couple of pics of it and then I’ll post it. he’s definitely going to be a super cute vampire.

I have a couple of layouts that I have finished for my CT’s but I will post all of those later…

I must run as it’s almost lunch time



October 9, 2008. Family, Life, Missy, Random Gabbings.

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