Is it really Novemeber already??

Holy moly, where is time going? It seems like it’s flying right out the window. I can’t believe we are now gearing up for the holidays – Thanksgiving and then shortly there after Christmas.

It honestly doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving is just over 3 weeks away. My Mum brought up the subject yesterday while I was on the phone with her about plans etc. and I couldnt’ believe it. Before I know it it’ll be January and the whole yearly hustle and bustle starts all over again.

Anywho.. Today is the big Election day. Rick votes via absentee ballot, so I don’t have to wait for him to come home tonight at some crazy hour due to the fact that he’s waited in line to vote. The election this year is definitely a history maker. On one side there is the first ever African-American President and then there is the first ever female Vice President and that’s not even the “important” part of the election. Hopefully the next President can turn the country around and bring the US out of the economic slump that we are currently in and maybe make health care affordable for every one. I really don’t have much of a voice when it comes to this as not being an American Citizen I don’t have the right to vote. I can vote in England, but there’s not really much point in that as I don’t follow those issues and they don’t effect me directly. I could if I became an American Citizen vote, but I have to go through a lengthy process to do so, but will probably do it in the future. I have paid more attention this year to the election, only because really Rick has followed the campains since day one and I’m still confused on the whole proces.

Missy got to cast her vote this morning at school and I’m sure will be quite pleased with her “I voted” sticker that she will be coming home with.

This election is important, it will affect the next 4 years of our lives as well as our children’s lives, so get out there, do your part and vote. You have that right, take advantage of it.


November 4, 2008. Random Gabbings.

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