Is it really Novemeber already??

Holy moly, where is time going? It seems like it’s flying right out the window. I can’t believe we are now gearing up for the holidays – Thanksgiving and then shortly there after Christmas.

It honestly doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving is just over 3 weeks away. My Mum brought up the subject yesterday while I was on the phone with her about plans etc. and I couldnt’ believe it. Before I know it it’ll be January and the whole yearly hustle and bustle starts all over again.

Anywho.. Today is the big Election day. Rick votes via absentee ballot, so I don’t have to wait for him to come home tonight at some crazy hour due to the fact that he’s waited in line to vote. The election this year is definitely a history maker. On one side there is the first ever African-American President and then there is the first ever female Vice President and that’s not even the “important” part of the election. Hopefully the next President can turn the country around and bring the US out of the economic slump that we are currently in and maybe make health care affordable for every one. I really don’t have much of a voice when it comes to this as not being an American Citizen I don’t have the right to vote. I can vote in England, but there’s not really much point in that as I don’t follow those issues and they don’t effect me directly. I could if I became an American Citizen vote, but I have to go through a lengthy process to do so, but will probably do it in the future. I have paid more attention this year to the election, only because really Rick has followed the campains since day one and I’m still confused on the whole proces.

Missy got to cast her vote this morning at school and I’m sure will be quite pleased with her “I voted” sticker that she will be coming home with.

This election is important, it will affect the next 4 years of our lives as well as our children’s lives, so get out there, do your part and vote. You have that right, take advantage of it.


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What a week this is turning out to be..

Tuesday is when it all started. We were all piled in the truck headed to take Missy to school (well, Little Man, Missy & I) and I hear her struggling to breathe. All I hear is wheezing and ask her if she’s okay. “I’m fine *wheeze wheeze*” is what I hear from the back seat. The closer to school I get the worse to me she sounds and I swing the truck around and head home. I call the pediatrician and make an appointment the minute we get in as they have both had a residual cough since they came off of the last round of antibiotic. 3pm is the earliest they can see them both. No big deal, I’ll just treat her with breathing treatments and keep her doing quiet activities until then.

Lunch time rolls around and Rick comes home forhis lunch break and Missy starts acting like she’s really sick – she’d been fine just a little wheezy all morning. He heads back to work and she progressively goes down hill from here. I was doing breathing treatments with her every 2 hours and it didn’t seem to be lasting her the 2 hours (we normally do them every 4-6 hours when she’s sick) and I start panicing as this is what happened last time she had pneumonia. I shower, and start getting ready to head to the doctors office and I hear “oh no.. Mama I just puked”. So now she’s throwing up and wheezing and getting up set causing her to be more out of breath than before. Little Man of course sees that the bathroom door is open and think’s it’s a game to see how quick he can get in there before I catch him. I call Rick in a desparate attempt to have some extra hands to help me clean up the mess that is now everywhere. I start cleaning up Missy after baby gating Little Man in the living room and notice she’s hot. So I finish wiping her down and help her change her clothes and take her temperature 101.2. Okay dose of Motrin, another breathing treatment and Rick’s home! Just in time for us to load up in the truck and head out.

Get to the pediatrician’s office and it’s the normal routine, weight, pulse ox, breathing treatment (I say normal routine as this is normal for us when she’s like this). Then she’s given 2 steroids, chest x-ray, blood draw and the diagnosis.. Pneumonia, but only in her left lung. The breathing treatment and steriod combo that they had given Missy helped her breathing slow down and  instead of heading to the hospital she’s sent home. Along with an antibiotic, steriod pills to be taken over the next 5 days and more breathing treatments. As well as Little Man has his own new concoction to take. Our Kitchen counter that evening seriously looked like a  pharmacy!

So now she’s home hyped up on Steriods, along with the mood swings that they cause and of course Adam is miserable too as he’s teething on top of being sick and of course he’s not dealing too well with Missy getting most of the attention from Mama.

Since she has been sick I have been able to keep her quiet (she’s normally a very active kid) by teaching her how to cross stitch. She’s stitching a small cat that looks like her cat Pumpkin. I’ll post pictures of it when she’s finished. It’s a slow progress and of course Adam doesn’t like the fact that I’m sitting with her and has made it difficult to get some done.

Then, last night I shut myself in my office and made Little Man’s cape for his Halloween costume. It turned out soo well (maybe I bias as I I made it). I didn’t follow a pattern or anything it’s completely 100% a Kate original lol. I have to get a couple of pics of it and then I’ll post it. he’s definitely going to be a super cute vampire.

I have a couple of layouts that I have finished for my CT’s but I will post all of those later…

I must run as it’s almost lunch time


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2 layouts & 2 sick Monkeys

Yup, both monkeys are sick. We paid our bi-monthly (seriously it seems that way) visit to the pediatrician this morning as both kids had cold like symptoms and then started with a wonderful barky cough. With Missy’s medical history and the fact that she gets pneumonia at the drop of a hat I thought it was best to go and have a visit. We had to take Rick to work anyway as our other truck still won’t run properly and I hate being with out my truck, so we went and found out that both kids have ear infections – Little man has a double and Missy has one in her right ear. On top of that they both have chest infections and Missy has a croupy sounding cough so we’re treating that with a steroid – lovely! So I have both monkeys at home – Missy stayed home yesterday also so I’ve had my hands more full than normal.

The weird thing is Little Man has started sleeping through the night – which isn’t normal for him when he’s not sick, so maybe we can convince him that this is the way normal people sleep and continue on this track we’re on right now.  With him sleeping in the evenings I’ve been able to get a few layouts completed and I have also started working on our family calendar for Christmas.

Here’s my 2 most recent layouts that I created for Julie Marie Scraps

Daisy – Missy & Daisy from her first trip to Disney, Christmas 2007.

I created this layout using papers & elements from Princess hearts by Julie Marie Scraps,
Dreams do come true & magical Disney moment by Britt-ish Design.
Love, Daisy I traced from Missy’s autograph book

Missy with our Scarecrow that we made for fall last year.  This layout was created using Autumn Spice by Julie Marie Scraps and the title was created using Dunia’s Stamped Alpha

If you want to check out Julie’s other designs her store is HERE

I have just downloaded another kit from Calalily over at Digital Candy so look for those layouts in the next day or so. Depending on Little Man & his sleep I might work on that this afternoon or this evening, It’s super cute too!

well, I think I should go and get a few things done before nap time.


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Happy Birthday to me!

Today I turned 27. Not that it’s old, but I feel it. Last night Little Man decided that sleep was for the week and that staying up most of the night sounded like fun to him.

I did get to sleep in this morning until 11, but that’s only because I was up with Little Man until 4am. Then we have just really bummed about and now Rick and the monkeys have headed out to the store to pick up a few things for dinner. Mum and Tink are coming over tonight to have “birthday dinner” with me and that will probably be the highlight of today.

I recieved some good news this morning when I came into check my email. I had applied for a couple of CT calls that have been going on and I had an email from Julie over at Julie Marie Scraps and I was accepted as a CT member 🙂  I’m excited to get started and start creating for her.

Well, I need to run as I want to take advantage of the kids not being here and get a few things around here done.


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I’m truly Blessed..

This weekend we took a weekend off and just spent time together as a family. Friday night after Rick came home from work we took the monkeys to the beach. This was Little Man’s first time at the beach and he absolutely hated it (I’ll show you the photo’s in a few). From the time we got on the sand till about 30 minutes before we left he cried! He hated the sand – well more like was terrified of it and of course the ocean wasn’t any better either. Missy & I went and took a walk down the beach and when we came back we found Rick & Little Man playing in the sand – he’d finally gotten over the phobia and was playing with his dump truck in the sand. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have found such a wonderful man who embraces marriage and fatherhood like he has. In that moment I was completely in awe of him. I am truly blessed to have 2 beautiful children and a great husband.

Sunday we spent all day with friends who we haven’t seen in what seems like ages and let the kiddo’s all play together and they had a wonderful time, we of course enjoyed ourselves throughly and I’m hoping it’s not ages till we hang out with them again.

Little Man has discovered how to climb up the stairs – all the way to the second floor this time not just the first landing – so now we’re trying to find every way we can to stop him from getting up the stairs. The way our stairs are situated doesn’t give us many options for baby gating, so I think we’re going to have to get creative and add some wood to the banister and make our own baby gate. He’s quite pleased with himself too!

Here’s some of the photo’s I took at the beach on Friday..

Little Man when we first got onto the sand

Missy didn’t waste any time with starting a sandcastle (this was seriously with in the first couple of minutes, I hadn’t even laid out the blanket yet)

Little Man not enjoying getting his feet wet

Missy doesn’t mind the water..

Here’s the Castle Rick and Little Man were working on. Missy picked up her shovel and started to help.

Little Man happy now that he likes being on the beach.

My family.. I’m hoping next time to find someone to take a picture of all 4 of us..

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I know.. it’s been a while..

I apologize for not blogging sooner, but since moving into our house we have been non-stop busy! We finally had everything moved from our old place and had to set up our house in record time as my Aunt, Uncle and cousin came to stay with us from England for 2 weeks at the end of August – that’s another reason I haven’t blogged as they were staying in the office as it’s our guest room also.

Having my family to stay was wonderful. I haven’t seen them since we moved from England to Florida 12 years ago. I can’t believe how close I am to my Aunt, considering most of our “relationship” has been through email or webcam conversations. We have so much in common, which is quite funny and I had a great time all around with them.  It was nice for Missy to meet them as she’s seen them on the webcam and receives cards etc from them, but that’s just not the same, now she knows when she gets a card from Dee who sent it instead of just someone we tell her about. Unfortunately when they arrived Tropical Storm Fay blew into town and flooded us in for 4 days.. poor things were expecting wonderfully hot (which it was) and sunny weather and they got a monsoon! The last week was perfect weather and I’m glad they got to do alot of the things they were wanting to do while they were here.

Missy started school 3 weeks ago – wow, she’s really been in school that long.. wow time flies! She is loving it and is oh so grown up and doesn’t want Rick or I walking her into her class any more so now we have to drive through the car loop and just let her hop out and walk herself in. She’s even riding the school bus home.. I’m sure that isn’t a big deal to some of you, but to me it was a huge step. I’m such a worry wart. I’m worried that she’ll miss the bus or something will happen to her while she’s on the bus, I don’t know I freak out when it’s only a minute or so late. She’s enjoying it, so as long as she’s happy then I’m fine with it. She has an assigned seat and can’t get off the bus unless Rick or myself are there, which is peace of mind that she can’t just get off of the bus, but still, it’s scary to think that my little girl is riding a school bus.

Missy has also started dance class again, which of course she’s loving. One of her friends from preschool is in her class and they are of course glued at the hip. When they first saw each other all they did was jump up and down and scream, it was cute. She has also made other friends this year in her class (which is much quicker than she did last year) and told me that they are all best buddies.

Little man is becoming more and more of a handful. We are now crawling at full speed everywhere, climbing the stairs and cruising the furniture. Needless to say I’m surprised I haven’t lost the 40lbs I’ve been wanting to loose from all the running around I’m doing during the day. He has also learned about his tongue and insists on sticking it out constantly. I was taking pictures of him tonight in the bath tub and almost every picture I took he’s got his tongue out! I think he’s finding Missy going to school difficult as he has become more clingy than normal – if that was at all possible.

Here’s some recent photo’s of my 2 monkeys…

Little Man riding his Pooh car – Missy is in the background as she was pushing him along on it and I wanted a picture of just him sitting on it – she sneaked in the back lol

Missy in her Uniform on her first day of school. See what I mean about grown up?!

My 2 monkeys at the park the other night. We walked to the local park for our nightly walk Little Man LOVED the dinosaur.

Little Man & Missy off on their drive around the yard in Missy’s Barbie Jeep. Little Man loves to ride around with her in the passenger seat.. he’s such a ham!

Well that’s it for my 3 week update, I’m sure there was other stuff that happened, that I just can’t remember.


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Another Weekend has come and almost gone..

Happy belated 4th!! We have been keeping busy so I didn’t get a chance to hop on and wish everyone a Happy 4th. I hope you had a wonderful time, saw some great firework displays and of course stayed safe!

We didn’t do a whole lot of anything for the 4th. We had decided that we weren’t going to try and head out with the crowds to sit in the mugginess to watch fireworks, so we spent the weekend with my Mum, sister, her boyfriend & the kids. We did a small “firework display” at the end of our driveway which both kids enjoyed as well as a few sparklers. If we had been with out the visit from the mosquito’s I think it would’ve been MUCH nicer.

Here’s a few pictures from our weekend…

Little man watching the fireworks

Missy & Andrea watching the fireworks

Rick & Missy lighting sparklers

Missy & her sparkler

During the week the kids and I have been going for morning walks, we would go in the evenings but living in Florida with it being the rainy season we normally get rained out. Missy has a fascination with picking flowers, it doesn’t matter where we are, she has to pick at least one if she sees it. So I have shown her how to press flowers using Rick’s heavy computer books, so it’s not become a daily event to pick new flowers to press. Considering most of these are “wild” flowers that she picks from the side of the road or on vacant lots some of them are beautiful. here’s 2 I managed to take pictures of before she pressed them

It amazes me how pretty they are and yet I can’t seem to grow anything nearly as pretty in our yard, go figure! We have planted more seeds as we won’t be going away on vacation for them to not get watered this time, so hopefully they all grow, I’m getting a little disappointed with the rose seeds, as this is the 3rd time of trying with them and they still aren’t sprouting. I’m doing what it says on the package, so I have no idea.

This time around we have planted sunflowers, delphinium, petunias, asslyum *could have spellt that one wrong*, flax, daisy’s, a butterfly bush, pitcher plant and I think something else – I don’t remember them all. Most of them have sprouted but I’m still waiting on the pitcher plant to sprout as well as these darned roses. If they don’t sprout this time I think I’m just going to give up and buy an already established bush when we move into our house.

well I hear Little Man and it sounds like he’s ready for a nap *he’s in the office with me but getting cranky*, so I’m off for now. I will try to get back on later and post a few of my more recent layouts.


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Being Adventurous…

We normally have the same 12 dinners off and on so this weekend we decided to “brave it” and have something we’d never tried before – Deluxe Cheeseburger Melt. We (Rick and I) read the recipe a few times to make sure there was nothing “deadly” in it and agreed that to use up the left over ground beef that we had in the fridge we’d try it. Well, it has to be the quickest and tastiest thing I think I’ve made in a while – not that I’m a bad cook or anything, but for our first time tasting it we liked it. Even Missy cleaned her plate. I served it with baked french fries – it is a cheese burger after all. I knew it was a hit as Rick went back for seconds (that’s always a good indicator if he liked something). The recipe came from the back of the bisquick box, but you can find it here if you’re interesed in trying it.

So besides a new meal, I tried grocery shopping alone. I know, I know.. grocery shopping how hard can it be? Have you ever been with two kids? One how adds things to the cart when you’re not looking, has to ride on/in the cart and then hop off to get the before listed items, several potty breaks, a baby who’s crabby and wants to be held, baby that decides it’s time to take a poo break and so you have to stop mid-shop to change him.. I don’t ever remember being this disorganized with grocery shopping. Anywho, Saturday morning Rick was mowing the yard, the kids and I were just lounging around in the house, so I decided that instead of waiting for Rick to get done with the yard work and then go grocery shopping, the kids and I would try it ourselves, not that I don’t normally run for the small odds and ends myself, but our big shops Rick is normally in attendance. So I shower and get the kids ready to go and off to publix we go – we normally shop at wal mart, but I decided to try publix for a change besides odds and ends. I have to say that I ABSOLUTELY love Publix, especially after this grocery trip. It was so nice to be able to get down each isle (altho I did have a run in with some very rude woman who “raced” me down the spaghetti sauce isle, just to beat us out of there – I gave up after I realized she wasn’t going to slow down) and not have to fight to get to stuff, or have 100 stupid people just standing gawking at the shelves having no clue what they are even looking for. So we get the weeks worth of groceries done, it was a smaller trip than normal, as we have our Sam’s monthly shop coming up this week, and head for the check out. The cashier helps me unload the groceries onto the belt, and then checks us out and bags everything, at wal mart they just chuck it in the bags, this was all very nicely bagged – cold food with cold stuff, glass jars in one bag, produce in another etc. etc. And then called one of the other girls over to help me load up the truck – which is the whole reason for going to Publix in the first place. In the time it took me to load up both kids into my truck and buckle them in, she had the groceries put neatly in my trunk, shut it and was taking back my cart.. how much easier could it be? So from now on, the kiddo’s and I are going to tackle groceries at Publix.

Today both kids have stinkin’ colds – which I think I’m on the verge of getting too, lovely. So we didn’t do much of anything. I did manage this afternoon to cram in a little bit of scrapping. I still haven’t heard about the Creative Team that I applied for, but hopefully soon. If not I guess I’ll just try again at a later date, altho I’ll be pretty bummed.

Anyways, here’s the pages I managed to finish this afternoon. I have soo many pictures to scrap, it’s hard to keep up with them all. I’m going to try and finish up all of the pictures from our trip to NC and work my way backwards slowly. I really need to catch up with Missy’s books and start one for Little Man, so much to do, so little time to do it in. Anyway enjoy my pages.

“swing” – I used Shabby Princess’ “Promise kit”. I did it nice a simple because I didn’t think the picture needed much more.

“E:Easter” – This page is for Missy’s ABC’s of 2007 book. I used “Happy Easter” a colab kit by BSC. I just loved the colours and thought it was perfect. The Template is from Janeal’s Corner.

“F:Friends” another page for Missy’s ABC book. This page I created with Digitreats “ABC Jump” kit. This template is also from Janeal’s Corner.

“5 months” These pictures are from my recent “photo shoot” with Little Man. I used “what boys are made of” by Sweet Digi Scraps. The template is from Purple Tulip Designs.

It’s now WAAAYYY past my bed time, so I’m headed to bed before my “monsters rise” needing their next medication dosing and feeding (well for little man at least).


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Been a while.. opps!

I have been busy the last few days, zoo trip, new dog, running errands, new dog, scrapping, working on Moms’ Cove, new dog. *laughing* did you get that not so subtle hint? we got a new dog, he’s a 7 month old boxer mix we call Buddy. He’s a really good dog, except he’s petrified of our cats. I know.. pretty funny huh? He sits and whines when they look at him and runs away from Pumpkin if he walks too close to him. Both Oreo & Pumpkin are ganging up on him – one will drink out of his water dish, and hiss when he gets close, or when you feed him his dinner, they run to his food bowl first and of course he won’t do anything about it, so they have been eating puppy food too. Pumpkin seems to think he rules the roost I guess and is trying to “break in” the puppy. I can’t wait until they all get over it and finally become “friends” it’t not like either one of the cats has never been around a dog before, but Buddy won’t stick up for himself and bark at them and “put them in their place”.  He’s a 27lb dog, who obviously towers over them, but yet runs away yelping if they turn around and hiss. The joys of having animals! I will try and get some good pictures of our new “addition” to share with you.

Monday we headed to the zoo with Tat & her son. We had a good time.. it was nice to spend a whole day with my best friend, as we haven’t managed to do that in a long time. We went and visited the dinosaur exhibit and the whole time we were walking thru it Missy was saying “they are just pretend.. they are just pretend”. The last time Rick & I took her she was 2 1/2 and they scared her.  Poor thing, I have pictures of her sobbing in front of the T-Rex. She did much better this time, but wouldn’t stand near the T-Rex again, she just ran past him. lol.

I’m hoping to add a new “category” to my blog, which will consist of the book’s I’ve read/reading. I have joined a book club as well as trying to get one started on Moms’ Cove and so my library card is getting a good work out at the moment. I am also trying to cross some books off of my “to be read” list. So I may blog every now and then about the book I’m reading. I just finished a really good book (if anyone wants to read it.. it’s here collecting dust) called “The Pact” – by Jodi Picolt. I read it for a book club on another message board that I’m a member of and really enjoyed it. It was a little slow going, but a good read none the less. I’m now working on a “new” book called “First Impressions” by Jude Deveraux. It’s set in North Carolina (yay my favorite place) I’m only up to chapter 3, but so far soo good. I’ll let you know how it goes from here.

I applied for a digital scrapbooking “Creative Team” (A CT as it’s refered to) and I’m REALLY hoping I made it. This would be my first one, but would be something I would completely enjoy doing, I love doing the cross stitch stuff I do for Dimensions – I test cross stitch kits for them before they release them to check the pattern, thread counts etc and LOVE IT (I’ll post some pics of the stuff I’ve done for them too in the near future). I will probably find out in the next couple of days when she posts the results on her blog. so fingers crossed. WOW.. so another new category for the blog.. my craft capers. lol.. I like really like that name, so I might just keep it!

As you can see, that will keep me pretty busy. Reading, cross stitching, scrapping, PLUS Moms’ Cove & the kids. I don’t know if I have enough hours in my day! lol. Adam is now starting to nap on a schedule (Horray for that one!) and of course that is making life a little easier.  So I’m hoping to have time to accomplish the other things I want to get done during those nap times. I’ve been working on Moms’ Cove & scrapping in the afternoons & after both kiddo’s are in bed. I’ve also been making myself go to bed before midnight – which is hard cuz I always think of other things I “should” be doing. So I’m now heading to bed around 10ish so I can read for an hour and then of course lights out.

Well, I should probably take advantage of Adam napping and get a few things done around the house like *ew* folding laundry. I will later post my latest scrap creations I’ll probably do that tonight.


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I honestly can’t believe where our week has gone. It seems to have have flown by.

It seems like I’ve managed to accomplish absolutely nothing – which I hate that feeling. I have managed to do laundry, wash both kids car seat covers, finish registering Missy for Kindergarten, spent a day with the kiddo’s, finished my book (it was a great read to!) went to the library, cleaned off my desk in the office (I had a stack of papers that I needed to weed thru). So I can’t really say I’ve done nothing all week, but it just seems like I’ve not done much at all.

I have been busy today trying to get a few things for Mom’s Cove accomplished and hopefully I can get the ball rolling with that again also. I’m really hoping that the store front takes off, and that we can get it looking really good. *fingers crossed*

We have another jam packed weekend – why we can’t slow down I don’t know. So I should probably get going and get some stuff done around the house before Rick comes home in 4 hours!


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