Happy Mother’s Day

To all mom’s!

I haven’t had a chance to blog in a while as we have been super busy with play dates, preparing for mother’s day, trying to find a house to buy – which is taking several hours at time to search thru the MLS listings and figure out where each house is etc and then go thru the pro’s and con’s of each and do we like the location.. who knew this could be such a stressful chore! I thought finding a house for rent was difficult, but knowing we can buy a house and we’re probably going to stay in it for a few years and making sure we get the right house for us etc is driving me batty.

Rick’s work then thru in a huge wrench in everything and we did some number crunching and we could build a home with them at cost for the price of the house we’ve put an offer in on (I’ll fill you in on that in a few) so we’ve tried to figure out what route would be the best. Thursday I had a whopping headache because of all the different choices and then of course the thought of having to pick out every thing to go into the new house, from tile & carpet to what grout colour I want.. Talk about overwhelming. We have decided to just buy a pre-built home for now. I think that is our better choice at the moment, as we can upgrade the house thru Rick’s work at cost etc, and that’s a lot less stressful!

We have been and looked at several houses and we found one that is perfect. It’s a 3 bedroom 2 bath home and is right around the corner from the house we’re in. So no need to worry about the drive to and from Missy’s school etc. It’s a short sale, so right now we are just waiting – not very patiently – for a response from the Bank, so hopefully by the end of this coming week or the following week we should know if our offer was accepted. *fingers crossed it is* I’ll keep you updated.

Last weekend was National Scrapbooking Day, so I decided to join in on some of the festivities going on over at Digital Candy and had a ball! I went to a “crop” which was so nice to hang out in my office in my pj’s but still have people to chat with while I was scrapping. I played a few games with the other gals and even tried out a few challenges. I won one, which I was pleased with seeing as I haven’t really been scrapping all that long. I’ll post those layouts at the end of this post.

I have also applied for another CT, so I’m hoping I hear some good news this week. There have been quite a few CT calls recently and I have thought about applying for them, I’m just not sure how much I want to take on at the moment. I think 2 CT’s would be perfect for now, so fingers crossed I get this one, as I LOVE the designer’s stuff, it’s all just super cute, and the mini kit she gave a way as a freebie for the “application” works beautifully with my Disney pictures.

Apart from all of the above craziness we are now getting ready for summer activities – Vacation Bible School, Cheerleading, dance recital & then of course school starts in August. Plus our move, I don’t think I’m going to have time to stop. Missy also has her yearly appointments with the specialists and I’m hoping we are discharged from them and we don’t have to see them unless she has issues down the road. She has her kidney ultrasound next week, so I’m hoping they can at least tell me something good that they see when we go. I’m hoping either her right kidney has completely shrunken and isn’t there to cause problems, or it’s shrinking and will eventually be completely gone and not cause her any more issues – fingers crossed, cuz I hate putting my baby thru all the testing, poking & proddings she’s already been thru. Then we have the cardiologist appointment, which that’s pretty routine – Echo & evaluation, which this has never been an issue, so we should pretty much be told he’ll see us in a year or 2.

Okay enuff of the ramblings, now onto my layouts 🙂

This LO was created using “classic” by Designs by Krista. The photo is of my Sister before homecoming back in 2005.

“Right Round” – For this lay out I used the “Zoe” kit by Just Passin’ thru. I used one of my favorite pictures of Missy that I have taken, and the background of the picture looks like we were spinning when I took it, so I thought the song lyrics were fitting.

Princess – I used Angie Kovacs CT Call Freebie for this page (this is my “application” page that I sent in). I Love this kit, I think it is soo super cute and goes with this picture soo well. The speech bubble I thought was a cute element – I’ll probably use it alot with pictures of the kids.

“Baby Belly” – is a layout I submitted for Digital Candy’s scraplift challenge. I lifted from http://www.digitalcandy.ca/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=14105&ppuser=2435 . I used my whole pregnancy on one page, but her double layout was soo cute I just had to lift it!

“disney” – This layout is the one I won the template challenge on Digital Candy with! Chrissy W had a template challenge for NSD weekend and this is what I came up with using her template. Credits – template by Chrissy W, “Leave the world behind” Kit by Britt-ish Designs.

I have made mint tin albums for my Mum, Rick’s Grandma & his step-mom for mother’s day, but that was 10 pages worth of stuff, and I figured this posge was long enuff, so I may post them randomly with my next few posts.

have a wonderful Mother’s Day


May 11, 2008. Creative Team, Digital Scrapbooking, Layouts, Life, Missy.

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